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Shattered Heaven Ep. 0

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Shattered Heaven Episode 0 "Prologue"

This is the reboot of the original animated series. Unlike the original series, this one follows the novel from the beginning. I'm really looking forward to pushing this, I'll be simplifying animation for the sake of putting out episodes more consistently. This will also make it easier for me to work on the higher quality movie project that is in development. But this series is going to be a lot of fun for me. It's based on the first book and I'm looking forward to animating a lot of the action scenes and mech battles that happen in that book. I'm also adding new characters to help expand the series a bit in the web series format. I hope you guys can enjoy this as much as I enjoy writing it.

https://twitter.com/chris tilford

B007QOVL38 (First novel on Kindle)

After years of exploration and terraforming, Mars has become stable enough to sustain life. New resources have been uncovered and a race for their exploitation has begun. The year is A.R. 100, a century after humanity's run in with the threat of extinction. War rages on the Martian surface between the two allied governing nations of the world, the Trinity Alliance and the Euro-Asian Pact, while war machine developers such as Genesis reap the benefits with their contribution to the world in the form of mechanized frames; giant robotic power suits piloted by brave men and women. Adam Novus, a teenage intern at Genesis finds himself aspiring for more out of life. Wanting to join his brother Stephen in the Trinity Alliance military as a frame pilot he trains with no restraints. Finally when he is given the opportunity to prove his skill tragedy strikes and he is quickly thrown into the dark, unrelenting chaos that is war.

Please support us by liking, subscribing and even purchasing the first novel on Amazon. I personally really appreciate it!


Ty Konzak - Narrator
Travis Edward Mullenix - Edward Novus
Melissa D. Johnson - Michelle Novus

Music provided by Projecttrinity

Based on the original novel series by Christopher Tilford, Shattered Heaven: Sins of the Soul

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Glad I finally watched this intro.
Can't wait to catch up with the latest episodes.

I think your animation could use a little more time to be worked on, but it's decent enough to get your story across, and your facial expressions are pretty good. I think you have a lot of good potential of a great series here. One thing I really liked was when it showed the setting of New York while it was raining outside, there was no talking or any music it was just the sounds of rain, thunder and the two people working in the lab, very nice start. I also liked how the bad guy was introduced all you heard was a door opening and footsteps without anyone saying anything that was some pretty good build up right there. One of the biggest problems I had was actually was with the scene where the guy shoots the couple of scientists it was more focused on the guy and not so much on the woman right next to him I didn't hear her scream or fall down or anything I couldn't tell if the bad guy even shot her or not, and when he walked over to the boy near the end and that boy was freaking out I couldn't tell if those panic noises where coming from the kid or that it was the woman and it would cut to a scene with her either shot but not quite dead yet and was about to yell something like "NO! Please just don't hurt them!" or just kneeling down on the floor trying to see if her partner was still alive. I think adding something like that would really help and give her some fair screen time. Another thing I felt could've been done better was with the audio of the antagonist. I'm not trying to be so quick to judge because audio is kinda tricky with voices and music sometimes, but when the sound of the weapon the kid was holding started making noise along with the music it's kinda hard to hear him at times. Other than that i'm glad to see another young animator getting his work out there and sharing it with all of us. Keep making more man and, good luck with the rest of the series.

The problem I have with flash artists and drama: it's been done before and been done better. The writing just seem senseless and random like all you're trying to do is tell a story but with no purpose and no metaphors. If it was written without feeling random I would look past the animation, but I can't.

So random and not clever.

I'm just a critic though. 1 star for effort.

Work on consistency in your animations a bit more. And don't be afraid to show and not tell. I can't wait to see more.

Also. The voice acting is nice. At least in terms of the voices picked. And the sound quality is good. The delivery could use a bit of refinement as well as the script itself.

AdamTilford responds:

Thanks. I'm working on the consistency with the first episode. Self taught animator, I'm an author mainly, still getting better, slowly, lol XD. This was just a prologue, wanted to get the history out of the way. Yeah, the audio was actually mixed 2 years ago, the rest from now on will be new. Same with the script, it was an old revision from like, 2005 haha. I actually have been rewriting the novel into script format specifically for this web series version. Every now and then exposition can work, this is the only moment I ever do it. There will be no more in the rest. Thank you for your input and I hope to improve the points you've mentioned by Episode 1.

The animating and voice acting need some improvement