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The trailer shows scenes of illustrator Joel Poischen's incredible "BATMAN NOIR" artwork. All animations by SKEWSTER. We hope you enjoy. Please vote!

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I don't know why is this called noir since I can't really see that much difference between this noir Batman and other darker incarnations of Batman.
Still, it looks really good for a motion comic. I hope this is not just one of those trailers for the sake of making trailers and not actually making full cartoon/motion comic.
Good luck, this has some great potential :)

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Awosome style. It's like a collection pf artwork for the movie brought to life. The dark and detailed style looks awesome, and the new details for some of characters, like whiskers on Catwomen (lol) catch your attention easily. It's a short trailer but looks incredibly detailed and professional. I like the comic frames and transitions, making it look like it's a comic book brought to life. Great work!


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skewster responds:

That was my/our intention. It works obviously. Thank you very much, Cyberdevil!

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I'm not an expert, and this review is only an opinion based on little facts
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This trailer announces the comeback of one of the most prominent man-made superhero of world. "Batman Noir" keeps to the style of last century noir: grayish world, comic-like reality. One of the nice adds to the genre are objects partially animated to give the idea of "moving pieces of the puzzle".

The characters themselves look like reshaped shadows of themselves from a reflective dimension, which not only give them new looks but probably hint at new character traits, different live experiences that most probably already have their own dossier in Gotham Arkham Assylum or Gotham Police Department. Most of all the idea of Batman itself, the one object that already been used to show every human aspect from crime fighting, through human addiction (Batman Venom), lately the force that not only fights but also attracts violence (two latest Batman films and games). Setting the black knight in a new place might gives the room to create a different man, or possibly explain some yet hidden problems with the man we already though we have cracked.
The villains seem oddly normal judging from the looks of the feline part of the cast, which could mean there has been more work put into their history and character than the overall "pump-in-power" some productions do to make their bad guys look "dangerous".

Light bloom effects, smooth blurry changes in the animatic (animation as in "slide by slide") sequences mixed with simple object animation (motion animation) are what makes me want to wait for the real thing.

I tell you, those thing will keep human imagination running wild.

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skewster responds:

Thanx for the feedback, man!

enjoyed this alot. is it inspire by the graphic novel Gotham by Gas Light?

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skewster responds:

I'm just the animator and not really sure what was Joel inspired by. But I guess it would be possible it was the Gas Light novel ... Happy you like it.

Beautiful animation. I love the style so much, Hope this trailer comes to a good series,

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skewster responds:

It's nice if people like what you do. Thanx!

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Feb 10, 2013
11:52 AM EST
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