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Death Came a'Knocking

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Author Comments

*This game uses an unusual size, so I suggest going fullscreen to see everything*


-There is now a "mute" button in-game to remove that music, if you so desire. Also, the bug where catching all souls did not end the level is now gone. W00t!


-In this update, I changed (almost) all the fonts to fit more with the ambiance of the game. I hope you guys enjoy that little artistic change :)-


-New version! Now with: better quality, MUSIC, "Next Level" Button, reorganized levels... and a darker death :3-


This game was made as a school project, and is also my first really complete game.

It currently contains 5 different levels, a working level unlock feature (which restarts everytime you reopen the game, will implement local saving if needed).

Please rate and post, all the support is appreciated :)


Well.. I really liked it. I liked how the colored bricks/keys were not only obstacles but also potentially hazards that could prevent you from winning a level. You had to think before starting each level how you wanted to go about it. It was a good puzzler and I was upset when i found out there were only the 5 levels.

Now, it wasn't all good. The starting screen size is a bit awkward. I had to set my browser to 90% to see the whole play area. You really don't need it to start that large. Second the graphics work and it is a functional game, but it isn't very pretty. When you have a game with a screen this large pretty is important because there is a great deal to look at. In particular the orbs you collect for unlocking blocks look out of place to me. As you continue with this game (and I hope you do) consider the following:
1. All of the ghosts look the same it wouldn't hurt to add some variety. (if the game was much smaller it wouldn't matter as much)
2. The game play works well and your initial level designs are good your next focus should be on making it look pretty and keeping the next groups of levels fun.
3. I liked the music but a mute button is always nice. As it is straight up platform game some sounds wouldn't hurt either.
4. Don't forget to let the player know they are done. Just looping into the final room again isn't the way to go.
5. The game almost begs to have story added to it. Story gives the player a reason to do what they are doing and gives you a way to logically conclude a game that is otherwise just a string of puzzles.

Again really great start, fun and well made. Polish it some and make it longer it is definitely worth the play through. Keep up the good work.

I like it add 2 faves for later :)

It's not really a new concept or anything, but collectahthon-type games are fun for me. It obviously lacks music of any kind, which is a huge turn-off for me. There's no ambience or sense of environment. Though, maybe, with you being death, collecting your souls, that was the intention.. which actually makes me somewhat like the silence. It's eerie. But I'd still rather have something to pleasure my earholes

I agree with Tainted-Trixter regarding the screen size and letting the player know they're done. I for one have gotten tired of the bad attempts at shoe-horning story into a Flash game (though there have been good examples, they're comparatively fewer). I'm happy with "You're controlling Death and you need to go get souls."

That said, some sort of warning or explanation or something that the blocks and orbs would be obstacles as well as elements of the puzzles themselves would have been nice. Not strictly necessary, but it would have been nice to have a better idea what to expect.

the idea is not bad. Continue refining it and definitively make more levels.

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Credits & Info

2.32 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2013
8:46 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle