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Upon heavy request, supercodplayer is finally featured in his own animated short!

supercodplayer's channel: http://www.youtube.com/us er/supercodplayer1995


Alright, people who are trying to defend Pewdiepie, he doesn't animate, this is facetious, get over it. It's a joke, that points out flaws, it's humorous. It was dry, if you lack foreknowledge of other streamers. Animation was solid, better than I can do on any good day, but I don't quite care frankly. Decent audio, but it wasn't portrayed for audio, the microphone seems to be headset quality, which is perfect. Nice accent, laughed, wouldn't laugh again.

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This video is funny, not exacly sure why people complain. The animation is good and fluid, could be better but god could also have creat us whit 4 eyes so... ya xD

I do must admit, the humour is somehow borring. The point of a parodie is usely to make fun of something most know about, and well... this is not the case. Anyway good job, nice voice acting ( can't tell if it is a good one but i do have enjoy it) but try to get a better subject next time :p

i just didnt get it but then again i dont get y people like pewdiepie ever so 2 stars for animation not sure how this is ment to be a comedy

I have to praise you for your attention to little details once again!
It didn't dawn on me until the second viewing of this that SCP has a little Bijou and a Hamtaro ham-ham figurine set under his TV stand, which for some reason made me laugh. I don't know why, but it did.
Thanks for that!

I saw SCP95 and got excited. Then it turned out to be some kid who plays call of duty, and NOT the SCP's that I know of. Be sure to label your videos better. (look up the SCP wiki)

Animation was decent. 6/10
Humor was awful. 0/10
voice acting was annoying. 0/10
art style was somewhat bland. 4/10

Jaltoid responds:

Numbers out of ten tell me nothing. Do you have any actual advice? What you found weak or strong about it specifically? Like why did you find the humor awful, and what made the animation decent? Feel free to PM me, no obligation.

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4.05 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2013
11:25 AM EST
Comedy - Original