Little Wars

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Long time ago there were little wars between tribes. It is your quest to conquer the island by strategy, tactics, magic lightning and collecting resources like sheep or mammoths. You will meet your various enemies but also allies who will help you to be a dominant tribe in these little wars! Drag your mouse from your village to your enemies to attack them or drag your mouse from your village to your ally to make him stronger.


Excellent concept and design. It seems quite simple at first, but actually gets quite complex. The little guys are cute, the music is fitting, and the controls are easy to navigate. I can see this game having a lot of replay value, as well as keeping the player occupied for hours at a time. VERY nice.

I like it, but it is somewhat bugged on a later level it seems [third last, sheeps also stuck]. I can not send out more than one soldier, at least if not attacked. That's bad, as regregrouping is important. Good luck with it, but it's old I see.. :[

Not half bad. The game mechanic itself was okay, and the concepts of the sheep and the mammoths added a little bit of an extra dimension to gameplay, but there simply wasn't enough content. There were very few levels that I found to be "challenging" until I made it pretty far into the game, and even then, it was still iffy sometimes. I didn't care much for the early battle dominance establishment system, because often how well you did in the game was determined by how many neutral buildings you had captured at the beginning, and I simply didn't like that. The music was alright, and the game itself, though it could use a little more content(New soldier types, extra objectives, different modes, etc." was alright, so keep up the good work. 3/5 7/10

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This game is quite nice, it has a great and original gameplay, but after a while it gets a bit repetitive, the music is fitting with the medieval theme. Not bad, but it's enjoyable.

the entire screen doesnt show

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2.89 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2013
5:20 AM EST
Strategy - Other