Dandy: No Evil 006

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Holy crap! Warlord did a flash that was NOT based on an existing myth!... well... not 100% anyways, that scarcrow thing at the beginning is a real bit, and the general feel of the piece seems to be reminiscent of some kind of fable..... but I digress. This is based upon a conversation (or whine-fest) I had with my brother on one of those hot unpleasant days we were forced to rid the garden of dandelions. Bitter because we knew full well they weren't completely useless (downright healthy, actually) and we figured we ought to let them grow. Never-mind the fact that they'd choke all the other plants.

Trying this swivel thing.... seems to be working well enough....


verry nice the animaton is so well done it makes a stake look raw

Another fantastic cartoon. I look forward to seeing what else you can put out. :D

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Beautiful animation and voice acting in this one! :D Thanks for teaching me that these "weeds" are actually edible! ^_^ I'mma go pick some now.

Coyote likes to take scarecrows doesn't he? I find it really funny and fried dandylions if cooked right are great we made them in agriculture class.

your art deco is simply amazing, it seems you have a grate ability for VA witch as someone that plays D&D and LARPS is a talent i adore. it seems that your movies have some level of continuity so im going to watch through all of them to see the hole story. all and all i love this. thank you.

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Feb 7, 2013
5:10 PM EST
Comedy - Original