400 Years

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The patience of a rock 5 Points

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It only took a while 10 Points

Complete game in 150 years or less

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Author Comments

The game is known to lag in Chrome browser. If the game is unplayable, consider using different browser to see if that helps.

A calamity is coming and you embark on a journey to stop it. You only have 400 years.

This is an experimental game about the passage of time. Don't expect swift action. Slow down and think, just don't wait too long...

Thanks for the front page NG ! <3


Interesting story and concept. The space bar part, where the game graphics/time actually changes? Priceless. Nice work.

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very good game!

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It was a really great game! I love pixel art.

I got stuck at the "helping hands" part for a while - even restarted a few times to see, if I missed something.

Some tips if you got stuck - SPOILER-
If you need a helping hand just wait at the right side of the village for some years and see what happens... When you see it, you will know what to do.

Overall I would like it, if there were a few more puzzles to solve - everytime you get stuck you basically have to wait or check if any of the seasons will help.

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At the point i had to press space i just thought Wow. never saw anything like this in a game and thats why i rate it 5 <3

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I get to a part where it says "sometimes he needed a helping hand" and I'm stuck. There's no obvious way to progress. I'd explore around, but that's slow as all things. If that's the case, and I just need to explore, I'd recommend making a simple addition to this game: use spacebar to run. Simple really, and it doesn't break the mechanics of being a slow moving rock, since you're not technically running, you're just speeding up time.

Started over to see if I missed anything. This time I saw the wheat. It could be a bit more obvious in the winter time. HAd to wait so long ans wasted so much time I only had 50 years left at the end, was worried I might run out of time.
Final note: Winter 2013? Might want to change that to Dec 21, 2012. maybe put up a sign saying Yellowstone Park (look up supervolcano if you don't know).
A good game, but I feel like it took way too much time.

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Credits & Info

4.28 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2013
5:35 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle