the peggey movie

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Update - This movie is from my time in the Clock Crew:

Be sure to watch the whole thing! The song in the beginning is just an intro!

For people that don't know what peggeys are, they are nifty little wild creatures that are really cute as a pet. Dwarfinator was the first to discover them and set up a buisness: Peggeys Inc. We catch the Peggeys and sell the to YOU! (You might know that the peggeys are originally Pokemon called Swinups)


this isn't fair

if this wasn't made by one of the clock crew then it would b pure poo.... ... i mean ... i like the clock crew... but if it's poo ...it's poo... and no friut clock can change that!

Professor-Dull responds:

why would it be poo?

clock crew?

more like cock crew, judging by this shit. this is fucking terrible. anyone who could find this funny at all must be seriously weird. i lost all interest in it as soon as i heard that gay voice you used for all the characters. i can't believe this shit was allowed on the portal, and it's fucking annoying because you've probably got all your gay cock crew friends to give it a five, so it looks from the main portal screen that this has gotten a really good score. anyone who falls in the same trap that i did, stop downloading this shit, it's not worth it.

Professor-Dull responds:

Are you sure you watched thw whol thing? cuz if you did I wouldn't agree with you...

you've got to be kidding

no offence to you dude... but his is crap.. yeah ,maybe the art isnt bad.. but the content is ...well...crap..cant believe tom lets this shit on his site.some clocks make decent films.. but this.. is one of the stupidest things i have ever seen in my life.you know its crap too thats why you had your fellow clocks or freinds vote 5 on it.. well no matter..this will be blammed soon enough.

and stop putting the eskimo bob sound at the end of all clock movies.you are giving him a bad name

Professor-Dull responds:

1. I didn't ask enyone to vote five on this, honest!
2. I didn't know it was crap, I think it's a funny movie and if you would have been around the whole peggey happening you might think the same.
3. Eskimo Bob is related to the same site were Eskimo Bob started: spoonybard.com


That was great. Laughed the whole way through. Nice animation too :)

liek omg

this honestly deserves daily feature
it was soo good

Professor-Dull responds:


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3.48 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2002
3:19 PM EDT
Comedy - Original