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"Smells Like Love: The Unwanted" is a dark and twisted tale about a community of abortions that now live a life of seclusion in the sewers below. This series is here to answer that question that has been unanswered for generations, what happens to all those abortions that are just tossed aside, thrown away, flushed!?

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Surprised this didn't get featured, perhaps due to its "controversial" content. Anywyay, I liked this and found the animation style aesthetically pleasing and the humor just right. Hope to see more~~!

I can say is "whoa"

toon53 responds:

Hahaha thanks!!!

Good, but reupload with voice.

toon53 responds:

Works fine on my side? I've tested it on one of our Macs and a PC. Are you watching on a mobile?

It's a bit on the controversial said...but meh.

toon53 responds:

I'll take "meh" and thank you for the Stars :)

Well okay this is a good vid

toon53 responds:

Thanks for the 5 Stars ;) !!