Apartment 51 - Episode 4

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Apartment 51
Episode 4: Matinee

The roommates go to a showing of the new Pirate Snake movie.


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The writing in this is ace. However, I do have a few problems. You could probably spring for individual voice actors, for starters. Except for green blob guy, who gets absolutely no lines. They strike me as unnecessary. they could very likely be completely removed with no real consequences. Also, can I get some different viewpoints on the characters? They're always staring right at the viewer, which is lazy. Other than that, though, the premise is good, and the characters tend to be entertaining. They look decent, but not too serious, which is for the best.

SmokedBacon responds:

This isn't a professional production, I can't rely on other people to do voices, though I have gotten more voice actors for future episodes. As for the animation and art style, this series has run for 8 years and has always been about providing a few laughs, putting more focus on the writing as you've noted is good, and not being mind blowing animation. It's not laziness, it's an artistic decision. There's nothing lazy about anything animators do, it's a lot of work. If I were lazy, these wouldn't even exist. ;)

Oh, and I don't know if this is the only episode you've seen or if you watched the original series, but I attempted to take Gooch, the green blob, out for the rebooted series and received major backlash... a lot of people like him. Agreed he hasn't been featured much in the first four reboot episodes here, but he's pretty important otherwise.