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SMBGT episode 1 (preview)

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Feb 5, 2013 | 2:15 AM EST

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A reminder to all that you must press the SPACE BAR to proceed dialogue!

This is a short preview of my series Super Mario Bros GT, all the white noise in this will be repaired in the full episode. Just so you know this is my own series I'm working on... based on an art promo by Pac-Boy, I liked the idea and decided to do my own plot. Some original plot is by Pac-Boy and Kaijuking but the full storyline and plot is by me. A little bit is from Pac Boy and Kaijuking! It may be not my best work but I wanted to do this back in 2012 but I didn't... now it was the best time so I put this series on the go.

PS: Super Mario Bros Z KAI episode 2 will be introduced soon. I'm looking for voice actors for Episode 2! If that's a good idea!

PPS: Enjoy this preview of SMBGT episode 1!



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

This is a fake, no Dr. Willy.

Krazzygamer3y2 responds:

True, besides, this was made by my silly and stupid teenage self, who loves ripping off stories. XD
Nowdays, I'm trying out more stuff, that aren't complete rip-offs. With the exception of SMBZ KAI, although it will have the same storyline as SMBZ, most of the animation will be different.


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There it is. The thing that Earthworm wanted to avoid. Its even in the name, A "GT" as he said. Look i get your a fan of Alvin, but why cant you just use other heroes? let the whole Mario/Sonic cross die already. You have talent, there is no denying it, but its your lack of originality that's annoying (and i don't mean the story alone and the fact you added Dr Willy doesn't count ether). If you want to be able to say "my own series I'm working on" stop using things remotely related to Super Mario Bros. Z.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

A few things

1.) Why do the textboxes "lag"? Like when they become smaller, I notice a noticeable pause. Was that an error on your part?
2.) Why are everyone's text boxes the same when they are blackened out? I know they reveal themselves a little later but it would be better to keep their color the same in te beginning. Every It's hard to tell who's speaking in the beginning.
3.) When Mecha Sonic powered up, there wasn't even a sound. What?

All in all, too short to really determine much of anything since it's a preview but I'll watch on.


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I am a great voice actor,except for Bowser.I can do voice clips of all characters.You can use me for SMBZ KAI episode 2.


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Um... just saying, but wouldn't it make more sense to use the robot masters if Dr. Willy is playing the role of villian...? Having him find metal sonic who was apparently destroyed along with him making something which would be more along the lines of something Eggman would make is just kinda derpy. And that would of been bearable if you didn't go and add a recolor for a villain. This "Bario" is just a recolor and frankly would of been better off with something else. if you seriously had to go with the revival mecha idea at the very least it should of been a robot Mario.

Recolors and/or fanchars (unless custom enough and suiting the story, kinda like Ballisx in SMBZ) should stick to fighting other recolors and fan characters in there own multiuniverse world. Mixing them with characters like Mario and Sonic just kinda kills the video on its own.

But yeah with what TJ said, you at least did good on the music.

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