Sprited! Ep:1

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Greetings Newgrounds this is our first flash animation it's taken us about two months total for the animation but the idea has been in production for quite awhile now, years actually. This is story of a boy who arrives to a strange yet familiar world, who is he? Why is he here, and what is he searching for? Find out now!

WARNING!!! You can not use the spacebar to continue. Instead, It auto scrolls, Some texts are long and maybe slow, (This is for people who can't read fast enough). There's also a skip button at the beginning of the movie but i highly suggest you read it at least once. This Episode is about 20 minutes long the same length as your favorite show. Some slowdown may occur if you open another tab or box in your internet browser, So please try to stay on the page for the duration of the episode for the best result.

Songs used
-Mario's pipe house (SMRPG)
-Fate's Crossing (Full Metal Alchemist The Broken Angel)
- Party at peaches (Paper Mario)
- Bowsers Theme (SM64)
- Koopa battle (SMRPG)
- Suspense (Phoenix Wright ace attorney)
- Shadow link (The Legend of Zelda four swords adventures)
- Wind blowing (Chrono Trigger)
- Chrono and Marle Far off promise (Chrono trigger)
All Music belongs to their respectful owners and or companies.

Thats about it, Enjoy, give us feedback and vote honestly. Runtime is 23 Mins

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It's a good concept and storyline, it can be a liitle too long for a flash, I suggest you: made the way you can continue the dialogue to read more faster by adding a button or pressing the mouse button..
I think Chris and Mia needs a little more work... Keep animating, I'm very sure you will do your best in the next one, remember: practice.

PS: sorry for my english if you find an error. Have compassion, it's not my first language.

Alright, you guys are getting the full review suite from me, on account of I need something to do while the movie finishes. First off, let me say that I admire your effort here. It's obvious that a lot of work went into this, and I respect that. Despite that, however, this video has good number of issues that need to be addressed.

First and foremost: The introduction. The pace of the text, the content, the background, everything about it was slow. From the get-go, establishing the plot by just telling your audience what's happening does two things: it bores your viewers and it wastes later opportunities for exposition. If you gotta have the intro like that, I'd try spicing it up with some animation, but the best thing would be to start with a bang and get people interested in the plot, instead of opening it up like a Dicken's novel. Another thing about that: I know text-boxes are a staple of the sprite genre, but it'd be okay in my book to have used a voice actor over some still shots in the intro too. It would have picked the pace up a little and given us more stimuli.

Second thing: You need to work on your pacing. My advice: make the text speed interactive. For the fast readers the pace goes at a crawl, and for the slow readers who need more time it will go too fast. The pace of the text (and the use of the text in general) *destroys* any pace this movie might have had, and drags everything down the pace of a 90s JRPG without the playable elements. Even in scenes without dialogue, some of the shots felt awkward in their length and content. Don't get me wrong, there were some very good dynamic movements throughout, but by and large, they were too few and far between to pick up all the slack.

Thirdly: Your characters. To Chris I say "so what?" He's a big haired, would-be JRPG protagonist who is not as interesting as anything else going on. Even reading the intro was better than seeing him do almost nothing in this movie. A note on his design: The spite looks good, but it clashes with the other sprites and the background. Taken on its own it looks fine, but frankly the strongest point of this movie is the visuals outside of your main guys. The sprite work looks *great*, but your characters in it need some polishing. This is also true of the little profile pic in that appears in the dialogue box. Taken on its own, it doesn't look too bad, but compared with the polished look of Peach or Bowser, the quality sticks out like a sore thumb.

Overall, it is just hard to care much about what is going on here. The original characters are bland, the possibly interesting world they come from is only alluded to and never shown in any capacity, and the classic nintendo guys aren't doing anything really noteworthy either. Basically what I'm saying is your writing needs work.

On bright side, however, the animation is smooth, the spritework (excluding Mai and Chris) looks excellent everywhere, and the music you used is awesome. Sound effects are also well timed. Seriously. If you'd taken the dialogue and text-boxes out of this movie completely, it would have been a joy for me to watch. The Mario/Bowser fight was awesome, and exemplifies what I'm saying here.

So there you have it. If you can get a handle on your script and make the movie more dynamic, possibly even a little interactive, I think you'll have a force to be reckoned with. As it stands, I respect the amount of work you guys obviously put into this, but at the end of the day, it takes more than that to make something great. Better luck next time.

I have to say... Hands down!
Excellent work. I watched through the whole thing and it was one of the best sprite animations I've seen so far.
I can't honestly say anything bad about it. The action was nothing over-the-top, the story is kept simple, every single moment was entertaining and the animation itself is A+.
You and the others did a fantastic job.
I'm looking forward to your future works.

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3.67 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2013
1:42 AM EST