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Ghost Light Lost Levels 1

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Determination 25 Points

Beat the second level in hard mode.

Persistence 25 Points

Beat the first level in hard mode.

Madness 50 Points

Beat the fourth level in hard mode.

Perseverance 50 Points

Beat the third level in hard mode.

Stood Tall 50 Points

Beat the first boss in hard mode.

Ended It 100 Points

Beat the second boss in hard mode.

Author Comments

I very strongly recommend that anyone who hasn't played Part One do that first. Link below.

http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/608525

Soundtrack available here.

http://comacolors.bandcam p.com

These are the lost levels I've going on about. Four levels made out of all the combinations of hazards and enemies I thought were too difficult for Part One, as well as a couple of bosses I cooked up, and two bits of Algernon's back story which can be accessed at any time via the bottom two doors in the level hub.

I can't say enough how much I appreciate all the feedback I've received, it's been an enormous help. Thank you everyone.


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is there an walktrough?

I enjoy these games and this is definetly a challenge for me with the game in level 5. I can not get passed level 5. I feel as though there is no way to avoid getting hit when trying to kill the second enemy. I've done it before and got to the other side. However I did not notice the spikes sadly and died. That's the only problem with level 5. That's where I feel you die not due to skil but due to inconvenient spinning spikes. I realize there is a pattern but when you are on the top, trying to shoot the enemy, you can't dodge the enemy fir or the spikes. I need to take a break, however I will try again. And when's part 2 coming out ^.^

Comacolors responds:

That is one of the hardest points in the game for sure, the pattern is very complex. You can safely stand on the purple block at the extreme left of the screen just before that part and take a minute to observe the timing and decide how you want to approach it. In many cases there are multiple places you can attack an enemy from, since you can usually get two or three shots off at the top of your jump arc. If you're finding one strategy isn't working, see if there's a different place you could attack from.

I was hoping to have part two out by now, but real world obligations, especially my job, are slowing things down a lot. I really want to have it out in the next couple of months, but I'm nervous about setting a date because things keep going wrong.

I'm really glad you're enjoying my game, I hope I can make more stuff you'll like, and I hope I can get it out sooner rather than later. Thank you for commenting.

A hard game doesn't mean a good game. This is the case.

Comacolors responds:

I definitely made some mistakes with this, I'm doing my best to get better. I hope I can make something you'll enjoy more in the future.

Thank you for your input.

I am looking forward to more of these games.

I do not understand why difficulty is considered a bad characteristic in a video game; I personally see difficulty as a good thing to have in a game. Without difficulty, there is no sense of "VICTORY WOO FUCK YA I DID IT" sort of thing. This game had me jump out of my seat dancing cheerfully each time I finally defeated a level.

I must say however I found some problems. Moving platforms do not move you, you have to move with it; this got extremely annoying I must say and I would very much like to see that fixed. Also, as much as I love the song in the background, it can get a bit annoying after a while.

The sprites in this game all look good, this game has a nice aesthetic.

All and all a great game, I cannot wait until you make the next one...

Comacolors responds:

I'm really glad you enjoyed my games, I'm hoping to have part two and it's lost levels out in a month or two.

I think the problem was I didn't really do enough to warn people that this was an extremely difficult game. I should have put a warning like that and a link to part one in the game it's self, I really dropped the ball on that.

I'm really glad you found beating these levels rewarding, that sense of victory is what draws me to extreme challenge platformers and it's awesome to hear that someone got that from something I made.

The platform thing is an issue everyone had. I started work on this game before I really knew how to program and by the time I got good enough to make proper moving platforms I'd already built the game around them working the way they do. I like them as a final challenge, but I don't think I'll ever do platforms like this again.

Also I can see where you're coming from with the song. Music balloons file size like nothing else, so I had to be careful about how much music I put in this, but I do think I could get away with a longer piece of music at least. If the music in my games is really bothering you you can turn it off using the volume controls in the title menu.

Thank you for the review.

This game is fantastic, and the difficulty level is right up my alley.

Regarding the difficulty level, since others seem to be complaining, the levels do ramp in difficulty properly. The first level IS NOT the hardest level, the last one is (requires exceptionally precise timing).

Games with difficult levels like this don't play like normal platformers - you must be patient, and plan your moves much in advance of doing them. All of the levels have 'safe zones', where nothing can hit you; all you need to do is plan your movement to these 'safe zones' (the first level has plenty, the last level only 3).

The only true flaws this game has regard the orbiting spike blocks: they are supposed to bounce off of you but sometimes (the fast moving ones on the last level) can get stuck inside you. Not a huge problem, since the easy solution is don't get hit. haha. A second possible flaw (unless it was intentional) was the moving platforms don't carry you with them and move slower than your walk, so you have to rapidly tap the arrow keys to position yourself on top.

I spent about 2 hours playing this awesome game, and I can play through the whole thing with <5 lives. (I can get all the way past the first boss without even losing a single health). If you want, message me and I will create a video walkthrough.

I would, however, put somewhere in the description that all of the enemies need to be killed to unlock the finish door. You might also consider putting a warning in future games of this difficulty, since the general NG audience may not be apt to these kinds of games. Make it like the entrance to porno sites (you didn't click 'exit', you knew what you were getting into).

Overall, very solid mechanics, great gameplay, I loved it! ^^ In games like this, the mechanics of the platformer engine itself REALLY matters (a properly difficult game shouldn't have the controls fucking you too), and this game play beautifully. Haha looks pretty too.

Great work, especially if you are new to this. Going to play the first Ghost Light.

Comacolors responds:

I'm really stoked to hear that you enjoyed my game, and I'm seriously impressed that you were able to master it that quickly.

It's really encouraging to hear that you felt the difficulty curve was alright. I think the biggest issue with the first level might be that it's just a totally unfair barrier to entry for a player I failed to adequately prepare. Anyone who didn't play part one really had to hit the ground running and that's a pretty serious blunder on my part, I'm glad it didn't ruin your experience.

The spike balls occasionally getting suck in the player's hitbox is definitely a problem, and while there was a way to address it it made them put even more of a strain on the game's performance than they already do so this was the best I could manage at the time. As for the platforms, they were intended to work that way, or rather, I built the game around them working that way before I knew enough about programming to do them properly. Both of these issues were a direct result of my limited programming knowledge, but I'm doing everything I can to improve and I'm hoping part two and it's lost levels will reflect that.

I'll definitely do more to warn players about the difficulty in future games like this, and just to better communicate to players in general. I'm truly grateful for all your feedback. Thank you.

Credits & Info

3.70 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2013
7:08 PM EST