Project LandsCraft

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Didn't know weather to upload this here, hope you like it anyways! :]

incompetech musics

If you wanna join the server then ya gotter subscribe on teh youtubes http://youtube.com/Projec tLandsCraft

*Take out the spaces in the url*

15 FPS FTW! Idk why but it looks pretty cool.. sorry if you don't like the jerky-ness D:

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pretty good,also what song name?

I saw Gaylord Steambath from Minecraft The Noob Advantures =D

Is...is this actually a thing? The animation was good and the audio fit the piece well, but I couldn't tell if this was an actual game or a parody of minecraft. Or both? Still, as far as coolish animation goes, this one is pretty good.

Fearlessfullness responds:

It's a minecraft server ;) and thanks I llike the style too - insired by adveture time and colourful suff :p