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Ronork Text Adventure RPG

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Ronork its an Text based adventure RPG, you start outside an abandoned castle, looking for gold and fame. Go in or out and explore the world. Give me your thoughts about the Engine and everything. There is only one ACTIVE castle to explore, still I am planning to make this a giant open-worlded game. If you don't like text adventures, PLEASE leave this game alone, go find something else to do, don't just rate 0 stars because you don't like the category. Also, if you WANT to learn how to play READ the tutorial. Like Zork and other text adventures, the game is full of secrets, hidden items, epic monsters and treasure. Where YOU have to explore, don't expect easy stuff. I won't take in consideration reviews of people who never even cleaned the first castle. So play the game, don't just press a few buttons and go trolling on 0 stars. Alright, for the lazy:
Press N to go NORTH.
Press S to go SOUTH.
Press E to go EAST.
Press W to go WEST.
Press LOOK to look around (IMPORTANT)
Press GET to get something from the room. If the item is hidden you must press several times, untill you actually find the item.
Press KILL to attempt to kill something nearby. NOTE that you will automaticly return one room after your attack. I coded it this way so I can avoid button smash battles, but turn based.
Press MAGIC to heal yourself with magic. NOTE You can only do it after you find a magical scroll.
Press SAVE to save your progress. (DON'T FORGET!)
Press LOAD to load your progress.(DON'T FORGET!)

If I receive a good feedback, I will continue to expand the world even further. For now consider it a one quest only.

-Simple example on how to move and stuff.

"There is a path NORTH of here."
(click NORTH.)
"There is a path EAST of here."
if you want to go back to the previous room, obviously you go SOUTH, (click SOUTH), otherwise (click EAST.)

-Simple example on how to battle:
"There is a monster here."
(click KILL) -You will go back one room. So lets consider that the monster is NORTH of us. (click NORTH and then KILL and then repeat the process).

-Simple example to look around.
"You are in a dark room."
(click LOOK around)
"You are in a dark room and there is something in the ground."

**NEWS: Thank you guys for all the ratings. The game has indeed passed Judgement with the score I was hoping to get, so now I will make an Update this week including:
-2 brand new dungeons.
-Level System.

BUGFIXES: On merchant and on camping site path.
Better buttom layout and some other things!


Im Not Going To Talk aBout game but in Mine Blocks How Do U Put wood in difrent slots?????????????

Uhhmm..... i new to you .... you wanna be friends .... i konw 00800..... please acept my requast .... YOUR A AWESOME GUY!!!!!!!!

good job this game is fun all you have to do is pretend whats actually going on like pertend theres a dark gloomy castle with a slime in it good job it was fun to play good job to you and ZanzLanz

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This is a wierd game but i dont know how to play that good you should ask zanzlanz for XD i know
you took his track ZANZLANZ YOUR THE BEST ask him for tips

Brunodev responds:

Read the turorial. I didnt TOOK his track, he made it for Ronork.

the game looks cool but i have suggestions first if you cant add pictures then add ASCII art like this

::::::> sword

Ì¿' Ì¿ assasin

and another one try to make battle system more complex not like click didnt work click again didnt work that might make people think this is a rip off

Brunodev responds:

Thanks for your review, and the ASCII art idea!

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3.13 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2013
4:24 PM EST
Adventure - RPG