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Ronork Text Adventure RPG

rated 3.13 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Feb 2, 2013 | 4:24 PM EST

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Author Comments

Ronork its an Text based adventure RPG, you start outside an abandoned castle, looking for gold and fame. Go in or out and explore the world. Give me your thoughts about the Engine and everything. There is only one ACTIVE castle to explore, still I am planning to make this a giant open-worlded game. If you don't like text adventures, PLEASE leave this game alone, go find something else to do, don't just rate 0 stars because you don't like the category. Also, if you WANT to learn how to play READ the tutorial. Like Zork and other text adventures, the game is full of secrets, hidden items, epic monsters and treasure. Where YOU have to explore, don't expect easy stuff. I won't take in consideration reviews of people who never even cleaned the first castle. So play the game, don't just press a few buttons and go trolling on 0 stars. Alright, for the lazy:
Press N to go NORTH.
Press S to go SOUTH.
Press E to go EAST.
Press W to go WEST.
Press LOOK to look around (IMPORTANT)
Press GET to get something from the room. If the item is hidden you must press several times, untill you actually find the item.
Press KILL to attempt to kill something nearby. NOTE that you will automaticly return one room after your attack. I coded it this way so I can avoid button smash battles, but turn based.
Press MAGIC to heal yourself with magic. NOTE You can only do it after you find a magical scroll.
Press SAVE to save your progress. (DON'T FORGET!)
Press LOAD to load your progress.(DON'T FORGET!)

If I receive a good feedback, I will continue to expand the world even further. For now consider it a one quest only.

-Simple example on how to move and stuff.

"There is a path NORTH of here."
(click NORTH.)
"There is a path EAST of here."
if you want to go back to the previous room, obviously you go SOUTH, (click SOUTH), otherwise (click EAST.)

-Simple example on how to battle:
"There is a monster here."
(click KILL) -You will go back one room. So lets consider that the monster is NORTH of us. (click NORTH and then KILL and then repeat the process).

-Simple example to look around.
"You are in a dark room."
(click LOOK around)
"You are in a dark room and there is something in the ground."

**NEWS: Thank you guys for all the ratings. The game has indeed passed Judgement with the score I was hoping to get, so now I will make an Update this week including:
-2 brand new dungeons.
-Level System.

BUGFIXES: On merchant and on camping site path.
Better buttom layout and some other things!



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

This game has so many bugs I don't think there is room on the page to list them, you obviously know they are there, yet you posted the game anyway. Since you think that criticism is based on the player's like or dislike of text games, I will qualify my criticism of what I consider a good text game, I have played Zork 1-3, Wishbringer, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, many other text games from the Zork era, GemStone (a text based MUD that started about 25 years ago and still running) and a handful of other online MUDs.

Combat is sub par, but I kept drudging through it so I could give a fair review of the game. It is a mash-fest of North-attack-north-attack-north-attac k-north-attack-north-attack-north-att ack-north-attack-north-attack when-is-this-fight-going-to-be-over? The element of one-button-kill is too simplistic in my opinion, it would be better if there was some strategy involved instead, for example, sweep kick the opponent's legs and give you a more advantageous combat position. This obviously wouldn't work on say, flying creatures, so you would need to find a different weakness to defeat the opponent, say, a crossbow or ranged magic.

Spelling and grammar are also an issue, as 'There is also 2 locks on the door.' Obviously there 'are' 2 locks on the door to be grammatically correct, I know it seems like nit-picking but you ARE making a TEXT game and some people will call you out on it.

Then oh my health has dropped, go eat food, move to next room, go eat food, move to next room, go eat food, move to next room until my health is full. The repetitive food mechanic is another annoying element of monotony that adds to the player's aggravation. I could simply go buy food from the merchant, but it is more economical to eat the free food in the castle. That's another point, it would be more immersive if the merchant had more items for sale.

To make a good text game, you need a nice static descriptive text for each room, and a dynamic portion of the room that tells what is happening within the room. This serves 3 functions: 1. to stir up the player's imagination. 2. So the player can identify each room. 3. So the player can react to what is currently going on within the room.

{{Castle Entrance}}
You see a giant ominous castle. The thick block walls appear to be beaten and cracked, as if they have seen their fair share of battle. Two trolls in plate armor and swords stand guard to the enormous wooden door at the entrance..
Creatures in the room: Troll guard, troll guard
Obvious exits: East, west
{{Castle Moat, West of the main door}}
You see a giant ominous castle, there is a moat full of alligators surrounding the castle, with no apparent way inside from your current position. You dread to think what would happen if you fell in the moat.
Obvious exits: North, East
OK this might not be the best example, but you get the idea.

I can't progress any further, I get this text:
Laukren Tomb: With Sawr the Skeleton broken and Quy the spider killed, your entrance shall be allowed. There is (sic) also 2 locks on the door.

Yet nothing I do will allow me to function past this point, I've clicked on everything.

You got the stars you did because I believe the game stands out from the other Flash games on the site and I believe it has a lot of potential, but I can't rate it higher in the current state.

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Brunodev responds:

Wow! Thanks for your review. Have been waiting for one of those haha! Whoa those spelling errors are awful on a text game, yeah, I don't even know the hell I commited them. Maybe in the heat of coding =/. Yeah I will take your battle combat example to make it better, also the descriptions and food mecanics. By the way you have to kill both of the Epic monsters and get their keys to unlock the door. Yeah, you're completely right. I'm so sorry for most of the bugs, since I'm beginner developer, I'm learning in each game, I have many unfinished projects that I couldn't release, those are my first ones. Thank you so much for your review and rate! Finally an old school player.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Before I kill - armed with heavy armor and magic broadsword - that, clicked 'get' and I saw text 'I got broadsword and armor and key' ...huh?
and clicked 'kill' ...... I got broadsword but I am attacking with 'DAGGER'......

Brunodev responds:

Thanks for the bug report. That is fixed already. Swf going to be uploaded in a few hours.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

bad super bad ill give it one star so i wont be a jerk at least

Brunodev responds:

What? Go troll somewhere else. If you don't like text adventures just freaking leave the game alone.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The game is ok. There are a few bugs. I found the merchant before killing the slime and he said. He couldn't sell me anything because I didn't have money, but my gold still went into the negative. So the gold from the slime left me with only 3 gold. On top of that, sometimes the navigation doesn't make sense. Going south at the desert gets you to the forest east of the campsite.
Aside from these bugs I like the music. The interface works great but the north, south, east, and west buttons could be mapped to the keyboard keys N,W,S,&E. Also, considering it is the only thing you ever see, the interface could use some work graphically. I'm not you should lose that 8-bit feel but there could be more than Arial font and rectangles drawn in flash for buttons.

Brunodev responds:

Thanks for your review. Just fixed the bug of currency and fixed the South at desert. Please keep those bugs report coming so I can fix them.
*Updating the .swf shortly.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Text based games generally aren't my thing, but I don't mind them either so I decided to give it a shot. I honestly didn't get very far due to the glitches. For starters I noticed I started with an hp count of 00, and gold was blank. I think the way it displays is weird. I'd rather have it display an hp count of say 3, than deal with a bunch of 0's that don't make sense.

Anyways...lets continue. I go north, pick up the lamp, and proceed to kill the slime. The slime drops some gold, so I use get and all it does is tell me is that I picked up the lamp (again) when I had already did that. I want to pick up the gold. Afterwords, I accidently hit kill again, and despite the fact it told me I killed the slime and it dropped gold, I'm somehow back in combat with it. I don't know if all these glitches are a problem on my end but it seems unlikely. Just in case I was attempting to play it on firefox, though I don't think that would matter.

I do think you put alot of work into this game from the little bit I observed, but right now the glitches make it unplayable for me. I gave you 3 stars for effort, but that's bound to rise a bit once the glitches are gone.

Brunodev responds:

Hmm Thank you, We are fixing the health thingy in a second. Oh yeah the combat. You pick the gold automaticly. So I'll make sure I'll point that out on the death of monster description.

*The health is fixed already!