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Space Express

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You are a space express driver and your aim is to deliver monsters to another station. Be quick, they don't want to wait long. A nice game, you'll sure like it!


I'm not sure who play tested this game, but it doesn't look like there was anyone. You really need to play-test these games to make sure they play right. As is, The ship moves way too slowly. The tubes quickly fill up, leading to lost aliens and lost lives. And the tubes that transport the aliens is way, way too slow. When you get random aliens, and too many of one kind, who fill up not only the tubes on both ends, but the ship as well, there is no way to win the game. This is just piss poor.

I can't say there was anything too bad about this. I think its main flaw was that it was just the same thing over and over. The part I found to be the weirdest was how there was really variety at ALL. I thought that I might finish the level when I had at least 1000 points, but I didn't. How do you advance in this? The music isn't bad at least.

I basically could stay in the same spot the whole time, just using the A and D keys. The alien that got out seemed to just go out on his own. I wish I had some way of telling you deliver that alien to the red cross place. The game is harmless enough. It just doesn't have much going for it.

This game is pretty okay. There's nothing that really makes it stand out, from what I played; it is essentially a constant fetch-and-deliver quest with some color matching thrown in to make it a little bit of a challenge. The controls are a little wonky, and there's not any background music or sound effects. It works, though, with multiple levels and medal support, both of which are definite plusses.

Overall, a pretty average game with some nice graphics.

Anoying music. Slow gameplay. Idea is solid I guess.

decent game, higher levels keep you on your toes though

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Credits & Info

3.28 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2013
9:49 AM EST
Skill - Other