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Finally! I'm proud to present you the Beta Version of :

Mr Pinku Game : "Let's Play Indians"

This is an adventure game with stuff to find, special events with sexy chicks a lot of more things that I did not in the game yet.

You can use 4 different characters in different moments of the game.
The game is very, very, very hard to beat without cheats.
There is no cheats but I will put them later.

This is the Beta Version, that means the game is not finished, a lot of scenes must be added yet, and I will update the game when all the gameplay for each scenes will be finished.

So, let me know what you think of the game and do not hesitate to make suggestions to improve it (but comments like "learn how to draw!" don't help me a lot :)).

Anyway enjoy and to be continued....

Mr Pinku

PS:I have upload a new swif so now the "Feed Snitch" parts works and you can access the "Final" part (not the best of the game, I may retouch it later).

BenjaminTibbetts for the Music
VicariousE for the corrections (I did not make them all yet), help and support.

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I would love this series to continue, I got really attached.

i couldnt get the last scene, i double clicked action one but it doesnt work

You mad thing, Mr P! :D

To be honest, I'd like more sex (in the game, I mean, obviously). There's a lot of running around, fetching and carrying - funny how the "witch" doesn't respond to anyone, even her long-lost friend until right at the end, a lot of runnin' around as I said ... and run as I might, and click and retry, I couldn't bring off that final play as described in the other reviews. How frustratin'. After all that runnin' around like three chickin's with no head.

If you find some of the ingredients hard to find - I couldn't find the mud - check in the other reviews. About page 3, I found a couple of helps.

Having moaned above quite a lot, it's another cute Pinku game. Daft as a box of frogs, but in a good way too.

The sexy bits are nicely ticklish. (Just not enough, as I said. Should I say it again?)

A lot of fun and good spirits along the wacky way of this game. The puritan shortie girl, spoilsport, makes me chuckle, for example.

It seems obvious Mr Pinku is a clever guy playing dumb for laughs. Reviewers who criticise his English, spelling, etc. miss the point that he is larking about.

To the bracing point that he shouldn't be promoting child sex (even if there are no adults present in this mad Pinku playground of a world). Yes, quite, ... but I see the "kids" as more a cypher. For a bunch of very innocent if mean-spirited juveniles, half crazy, not knowin' nuffin' (sorry, slipping into Pinku mode there ...). Anyway, daft fantasy. Very Pinku.

The music is remarkably melancholy. Like a reflection on life passing by. Sad, almost.

Keep it up, Mr P. Give us adults, and adult, if you don't mind. ... ;)

I like the whole idea and story for the game, but since the characters are children it kinda gets weird.

not very good

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3.31 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2013
1:36 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click