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Yoshi's Yak of the Damned

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YAK FAIL 5 Points


??????????? 10 Points

Engage Trickster Mode.

YAK RAGE 10 Points

Enter Yak Rage.


Win the game.

Author Comments

Yoshi has been dropped in one too many pits! Now, with the help of demonic yak powers, he will get his revenge on Mario by destroying all 99 of his lives!


Sometime last year I tried to do a Glorious Trainwrecks thing where you get a name from the Videogame Name Generator and create a game in two hours. It went way over 2 hours, but I did get experience, so that's good.

This game is not meant to be taken too seriously. Its "badness" is part of its charm. At least, that's the theory...

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how i get engage trickster

wow and you give me a 1 for my game.....

good game, but what is trickster mode? I googled it but I goy homestruck stuff

This Game is good,I dont care what anyone else says that.I Grew up playing 1980 8-bit Graphical Games!= Good job man!

"Badness" as in "my game is bad" does not equal charm. "Badness" as in my game is involves immoral/disgusting/wrong activities (like killing/poo flinging/demonic summoning) does not always equal charm. "Badness" as in my game has 8-bit graphics, but otherwise the gameplay is solid, does equal charm.

Unfortunately this game is the first kind - just plain bad. Why? Well I was promised a "Yak of the Damned". So where's the random fire breath? Where's the summon souls of the dead (yak) ancestors spell (requires time to charge)? Why is the DEMONIC yak not wearing the prerequisite amount of chains (which he breaks during Yak Rage?)? Why is my yak NOT on fire (especially after Yak Rage)?

On a more fundamental note: Use animated sprites, rather than static ones: especially for Mario's fireball (only needs a few frames to give that "licking flames" look). Also the skull missile could have pulsing glowing eyes (that would be two frames and a tween - but would look 100x better)?