Zelda Phantasmagoria

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Well it was so much fun making this that I almost had a heart attack. And when I got finished with It I also had a stroke! Got rushed to the ER only to find out I have diabetes... So enjoy.
p.s. Sam likes horse butts.
Front Page. Yeah. Thanks Tom, and all those for the support.


Please learn some basic concepts of drawing and art.

Such as.
Mechanics of the human body.
3dimensional space.
and lighting.

and at least some principles of animation. Like anticipation etc.

I"m not being a dick. Just being honest.

Contrary to previous posts, i liked it lol

Tap out bro, tap out. Just tap out bro!!

Great work all around, guys. This is the type and quality of stuff that got me into Newgrounds to begin with.
A lot love and work obviously went into this - all the fleshed out backgrounds, character designs and frame-by-frame animation. Small things like Link doing a flip when he leaves the school, and the keeping with his shadow as the moon looms over him are easy to overlook and definitely not appreciated by those who haven't ever been there, pouring attention and energy into something that will only be on screen for a small portion of a second.

I think you all make a great team and this was a real pleasure to watch. Sorry about your diabetes RamboJoe, hope you've been feeling better and that you won't let it keep you from future projects. Much love.

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kalabor106 responds:

Thanks glad you seen the time we put into it.

How did this make front page? This was really bad. The voice acting was terrible, the animation was pixelated in some parts of the video, and the jokes were really bad. The only 2 things that were good about this was the music choice and he last joke at the very end with Wolf Link. Otherwise, I wouldn;t want to re-watch this. Im sure you can do better than this.

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3.32 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2013
2:47 AM EST
Comedy - Parody