I Can't Escape

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You have fallen into a vast underground maze. Can you find your way out, or will you end up trapped in darkness forever?

We recommend playing in a dimly lit room with your speaker or headphone volume turned up. It's best to play I Can't Escape late at night, as it is an eerie exploration experience.

Troubleshooting: This game requires flash player 11+. If you don't have flash player 11, the game will tell you, and you should download it (for free) here: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ .

If you get the error "requires 3D hardware rendering," that means it's not running on your graphics card for some reason. Try right clicking the game, clicking settings, and make sure "enable hardware acceleration" is checked in the display tab, then refresh the page. If that doesn't work, try updating your graphics card driver or your flash player version.

If you're using windows 8, cheese123 mentioned to me that he couldn't get the game to run unless he ran chrome in windows 8 mode. If you're using windows 8 and having trouble, you can try that and see if it makes a difference. Thanks a lot to cheese123!

If you are still having trouble playing the game, feel free to send me a PM!

Want to know if it's possible to escape? You can check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8mw9azY9qk .


Man, this game is AMAZING.
Gameplay = Good
Graphics = Nice
Control = OK

I like this game (and sorry, i'm not speak english so good...)
Good luck.

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Love the old school might and magic feel, wish there at least a floor indicator, maybe some other interactions,great game other then that.

So after a couple hours on this game. First The level seems to change after you get so far making it very difficult to back track and know you direction. Good for theme of the game bad for actual game play. If you had some way to lock the level in such as "after collecting so many keys the level locks into a design" I would enjoy it more or you could make it based on the eyes "where if they see you they start changing the level around and you can destroy them to start locking areas into certain designs."
Thematically the game was excellent. Nerve racking and extremely disorienting putting the player exactly where you appear to be wanting them.

No plot so can't review that aspect of the game.

Music and sound effect helped develop the theme and environment so full points on that.

So overall review is going with 4 stars. The only reason I am taking 1 star away is that you seemed to sacrifice on actual game play to increase the theme of the game. While the sacrifice is not terrible it does detract from the game and make it almost pointless to keep playing as by the end it just feels like I am just rolling the dice with the random level generator until it finally creates a path out. But other than that GREAT GAME!!!

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totally waste of time

Actually, yuki1406, there are doors you can't open without keys. ;)
As for the camouflaged holes, they were never random. They were most of the time in front of a door or a ladder, so the door or ladder would work as bait for the trap.

I noted as well the light decreasing and the character speeding up as he'd fall into deeper levels. Caused me a burst of panic near my game over. :D
Is the ghost capable of forcing you through the ground to the next deeper level ? It seemed so to me.

Quite a frightening game in the end, if you keep analysing all that is happening. ;)

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davidmaletz responds:

The funny thing about humans is that they have such a strong desire to figure out patterns that they will see patterns even when there are none. Are there patterns - or is it completely random? Your mind will never let stop asking that question. And yes, the ghost is capable of forcing you down a level!

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3.85 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2013
7:30 PM EST
Adventure - Other