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Traumata is an old school point and click adventure games where you help Adam to navigate an old abandoned apartment and reveal the mystery that hidden there. Nothing can prepare him for the secret and trauma that lies on the 13th floor of the building...

Collect various items, solve puzzle to advance to the next floor, and always stay on your toes to run from a ghastly trauma incarnate that will end the game when he caught you!

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We really appreciate it! ^^

(Optional) Keyboard - A, S, E to switch command. Space to continue text dialogue.

Click on USE/TAKE/LOOK button and then click on an item to interact with them.

3rd Daily and front page? Cool! :D
Thanks for your support and feedback. We really appreciate it!


I will form my review as an incredibly chipper version of thought process this man must have had. Infer what you will.

" Well I guess I have to find a key to open a door! that's reasonable! oh the keys hidden? Well being a photographer my mind is more then accustomed to silly puzzle shit. Man none of these dressers are interesting at all! except this one. I have no idea why, but it's incredibly interesting oh look a key!

Similarly, I can tell without any doubt that all these things lining this hallway that come in 3 parts have no intrinsic value to me whatsoever. This rusted Safe in what appears to be an office of some sort is also without any value. People marking Sunday on a calendar? I SENSE SILLY PUZZLE SHIT. OR POSSIBLY AN EXCUSE TO THROW A LIGHTSWITCH RAVE. WHO CAN TELL. CLEARLY THIS MARKING OF SUNDAY IS IN REFERENCE TO THE ALMIGHTY SUN.

Hm this vase needs breaking. But I can't use this crowbar, I mean who uses a crowbar to hit things? Do I LOOK like Gordon Freeman? I haven't passed out at all! Except maybe to my Paradoxical flashback time shifts, I can't rightly explain those nor feel any need to be bothered by their existence!

Sure am glad shadowy-roving-knife-murderers can't be seen as to be so pedestrian as use a doorknob! -"

"I only know how to use my hands for stabbing and phasing through locked doors when no one is looking."

"-Fair enough!"

This game could have been good, but it comes across like you didn't put any effort into it. Most of the game was walking through nearly identical looking rooms, many of them completely empty. The vast majority of the objects just said there was nothing interesting about them, which was killing the immersion - how can you expect the player to be interested in exploring your in-game world if even the main character finds it boring? The take/use/see controls were obnoxious and unnecessary: for any given item only one of the actions would be useful, so why force the player to "take" rather than "use" an object with a hidden item inside if "use" doesn't do anything? The more or less random deaths were also highly unpleasant; if you forgot to save it could send you back very far in the game. This doesn't even make sense in game - how can your memories kill you? The puzzles themselves weren't really puzzles, as the character seemed to figure them out for you. Some of them were very poorly designed - for example, when you looked at the slip of paper in the mirror it said "fire extinguisher." Up until this point, the only fire extinguisher you've seen is a few rooms back, but if you go back and try to take/use it, it doesn't do anything. It turns out the fire extinguisher you were supposed to find was in the next room ahead, which the player had no way of knowing. Finally, the ending was completely anticlimactic and a huge letdown. It's a real shame, because the game might have had a lot of potential.

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tempalabs responds:

I really appreciate your comment about it. There are more about this 'Shadow Man' that we want to expand in the next game, but maybe it cause the game ending quite weak for you and some of the concept left unclear.
We also note several gameplay/puzzle problem, thanks for your info.

I really liked this game!
I had goosebumps everytime I had to leave the room again... ;-).

What I didn't like:
I missed a clue and the game wouldn't let me up to the 11th floor. It took me a long time to find out what I missed and I thought it was kind of annoying running all the way back and trying everything, so I could keep on playing. It would have been better to block me from progressing earlier.
Also, a map or so would've also been nice :). Finding my way around got quite confusing.

tempalabs responds:

Thanks for your feedback. We hear about that a lot from other people too.
We will use this info to better our game next time.

game must not have cheap deaths-broken
game must not lag at all-broken
game must be interesting-broken
you should hang yourself for making this horrible game

i liked the graphical style.

i hated everything else.

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3.63 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2013
7:56 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click