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Traumata is an old school point and click adventure games where you help Adam to navigate an old abandoned apartment and reveal the mystery that hidden there. Nothing can prepare him for the secret and trauma that lies on the 13th floor of the building...

Collect various items, solve puzzle to advance to the next floor, and always stay on your toes to run from a ghastly trauma incarnate that will end the game when he caught you!

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(Optional) Keyboard - A, S, E to switch command. Space to continue text dialogue.

Click on USE/TAKE/LOOK button and then click on an item to interact with them.

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First time the shadow man was walking toward me, I thought he was just going to disappear like the other times. Nope. Died. Second time I saw him walking towards me, I hit what I thought was the pause button. Nope. Exit game. The A, S, E system is really stupid. I'm not going all the way back up to the 8th floor this time.

I enjoyed this game very much. It took a while to play, but kept me drawn in the entire time. Here's a breakdown of specifics:

- I liked the music, and I like how it changed depending on the state he was in. I think something that could've made it better is if the music became creepier as you get higher in the building.

- I liked the clues that were scattered throughout the game, it kept me interested in where the story was going. Unfortunately, it got to the point where the clues were kind of beating the player over the head, making puzzle meanings, or the overall story a little too obvious. Be that as it may, I can understand making sure the player "gets it" before Adam does, as he has a REALLY bad case of cognitive dissonance (ex: he looks at a picture the player KNOWS is him and his father, and Adam's reaction is "This is a picture of ... I don't need to know). I liked that element

- I liked the tension created by knowing the killer could be around every corner, and I liked trying to figure out just what his eventual role will be the bigger picture. I see that some people thought getting away from him was hard, or being caught was a "cheap death", but I found avoiding him really easy. On the entire 13 floors, I think he killed me maybe three times. The following isn't a criticism, only an idea. I think the killer could have been better used if he appeared in different forms throughout the game. For example, showing up with his arm raised instead of just holding the knife, or being a little more visible on the higher floors. Just something to change things up so his presence didn't become monotonous.

- I know this has been mentioned before, but I think Adam should have found more objects interesting. I understand if an old photo we've seen on 7 other floors isn't interesting, but there were plenty of colorful paintings and photos that grabbed my attention that I think should've grabbed the main character's too. Even if they weren't relevant to the story, it could have provided some false leads, obscuring where the clues led a little bit.

I'm sorry to say that I was a little disappointed in the ending(s). The game had a great story, gave a good sense of mystery, the last room emotionally gripping, and I even liked the ability to see the photo that was obscured in the game over screen (depending on which one of two endings you get), but the monologue after that room was a bit of a let down. I was expecting some huge revelation or some kind of closure. I don't know what to suggest to make it better, as it was your intention to leave it as a cliff hanger, but I think there's a way to leave the audience wanting more, while resolving the story we enjoyed seeing play out in front of us.

I hope my criticisms haven't been to harsh because overall, I really enjoyed the game. As a person who enjoys adventure games like this, I had a lot of fun. As someone who hopes to one day make one, I learned a lot from your game.

Good luck on the next, and thanks for making this one. :)

Can't see my mouse ._.

could it be his granddad who killed his parents? if no then we need a sequel where he finds the murderer of his parents.

kind of like the steam game "Home". but i liked "home" better.

tempalabs responds:

Yeah, we also loved Home! The basic design style is inspired by them :D

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3.63 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2013
7:56 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click