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Traumata is an old school point and click adventure games where you help Adam to navigate an old abandoned apartment and reveal the mystery that hidden there. Nothing can prepare him for the secret and trauma that lies on the 13th floor of the building...

Collect various items, solve puzzle to advance to the next floor, and always stay on your toes to run from a ghastly trauma incarnate that will end the game when he caught you!

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(Optional) Keyboard - A, S, E to switch command. Space to continue text dialogue.

Click on USE/TAKE/LOOK button and then click on an item to interact with them.

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This game is a good take on the old and great point and click genre.
I really like the atmosphere you've created in the world of Traumata. The music definitely adds a lot to that factor.
I'm really excited that more people are creating point and click games nowadays, and I hope many more keep doing so.
Never mind the jaded reviewers, keep on making these gems!

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"Nothing interesting there."

Yeah man, you said it. From the repetitive and sleepy music to the fact that the character has almost nothing informative or otherwise to say during his slow and almost comatose trudge through this old abandoned-but-not building, I am beyond bored. This is only a point and click adventure in the respect that I point my cursor and click. Over and over, only to be told there is nothing at all to see anywhere. No comments on the dead plants, no comments on the fact that the "doors" are just empty spaces where doors used to be... this game is about as immersing as it is exciting. Which is to say, not.

The cool, addicting, and frustrating thing about "old school point and click" adventure games ( King's Quest, The Secret of Monkey Island) is the immersion factor and the fact that the game world was as real to the character as my world is to me. From mouse holes to trash cans, those characters had something to say about the world around them, and anything could be important. Adam here, as if he is an underpaid and disgruntled tour guide, simply meanders through this world telling me how uninteresting it is. It would be easy to miss something crucial or informative because after the first 4 floors, I was dying to just stop clicking on things for the rest of my play through. If I saw one more "nothing interesting there"....

Speaking of uninteresting things, Adam is the most visually interesting sprite in a game made of cookie-cutter, copy/paste pixel art. Every wall, picture, sofa, broken window, door frame, and book shelf is the same image over and over and over. Even a palette swap would have been a lovely addition to the world. But I suppose the decor suits the mood and music.. dull and repetitive.

I am not scared, curious, or even interested in the 'trauma' that is advertised in big red letters here. After the third time the monster/shadow/cliche silently appeared then vanished, I sighed and just moved on. Even Adam doesn't bother to react after the second time. "I DID see something.." Yep. That sure was a thing. Oh well. If Adam doesn't care, why should I?

I try to write good and bad about the games I review but this whole game seems largely unfinished. There are a lot of basic rules and good game theory totally ignored here, and while I came in with high hopes, I was disappointed. Immersion, fun, suspense and overall story telling are only barely present... the most basic of these factors for a game that wanted to be advanced. It tries to be an artsy, psychological, thoughtful point and click, but ends up being a mind numbingly straight forward stumble into an idea explored many times before by games much better than this one.

Take or leave it, this is my opinion and honest review of the game, Traumata.

Review rating: .5 Stars
NG rating: 1 Star

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LOL at "using" the Caretaker in order to talk to her

Could be better. As was said, grammar was a bit annoying, but it didn't affect the game much. It was really pretty cheesy, not too difficult, and with only one way to go it was more of a game where you just had to find what to do next.

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excellent game~~!!! 5 stars!!!
i'd like to say just that i prefer writter walkthrough instead of video

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Jan 29, 2013
7:56 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click