OONi Battle Protoversion2

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Destroy them with Lasers 5 Points

Use a Special Attack correctly.

Mercenary 5 Points

Collect 150 coins.

Sort of Duelist 5 Points

Defeat an opponent.

Survival Kit 5 Points

Purchase an item.

Cleanse the Land 10 Points

Defeat Goadie in round 10

War Preparations 25 Points

Get at least 2 characters to level 10.

Author Comments

Hunt down the nightmare creature across the lands of OONi. Battle the enemy tribes and shadow clones that will stand in your way.

Pick any of the four tribes to get going. Each of them have their own unique stats and skills.

MOUSE-ONLY. This is a high-score game: see how long you can fight.

Level up and use items to get stronger. And buy additional Favor Points if you want a boost in your game.


You've managed to make a mute music button... which does not stop the music... but turns it down...
Other than that... fairly good game

OONi responds:

Thank you! Oddly enough, the mute music button works fine for us. Maybe there's a bug when you press it at some very specific moment?

Well made/attractive menu and music, nice art, slightly weird sounds. Concept not good at all, just another undetailed RPG, and while you try to incorporate clicking, it's some rather pointless clicking...why not have mouse-over to grab coins instead of click (first time I've seen this)...or just not have to click at all? The clicking to deal extra damage, cast spells or block is pointless, because it's not timing-base...you should at least make it so you have to click at a certain time. And there's not enough functions in the game...just 3 choices in battle and some pretty/obvious basic items.

OONi responds:

To our defense, it IS timing based indeed, but it's hard to notice the difference (that's probably where we failed).

Still, thank you for playing, and for taking the time to review. We expect to make a much more solid game in the future.

It's a good game, but why the upgrade button exists ?

OONi responds:

We accidentally broke it for Local players when we did an update (it was still functional for Online players, so we missed that problem).

It should be working now. Thank you!

I like the art. But the game itself is a pure snoozefest. Where is the gameplay? All there is is leftclick every now and then. And you do the same stuff over and over again. I got to wave 32 in my first try, most enemies die in 1 hit except for bosses who need 2-3 hits. Was super boring, I expected something to happen but it never does. And the coins are kind of useless, why can't we buy cool stuff with them? The upgrade button doesn't seem to do anything.

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OONi responds:

I'm sorry you feel that way. We hope we can make a much more interesting and polished game in the future.

We fixed the Upgrade button by the way. And thank you for playing!

nice timekiller, however after defeating the creature after lvl 10 ther's no oint in continuing. perhaps an unlockable character, or extra skills after certain lvls can add motivation to play

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OONi responds:

We are already thinking of new stuff to add to a newer, much better version. Thanks for playing!

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Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2013
11:05 AM EST
Action - Other