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TimeLine Runner

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Protect your head.
If ANYTHING hit your head, you fail.

Mouse gestures to control:
Hold mouse left button and move left and right to change speed;
hold mouse left button and move up to jump.
*jump height depends on the height of mouse you move.
hold mouse left button when landing to slide.

btw you can also control game with WASD/Arrow Keys:
Left/Right to change Speed,Hold Up to jump,down to slide.
but It's hard to control it with keyboard. I do not suggestion you do that.

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The game is good seems a bit tough but really nice idea here some good style here the controls work well some fun interactive moments too it's a game that could use some medal achievements


whgat game is hard but visually and mechanically its goated

i use both,

the left and right arrow keys for speed, the mouse for jumping.

awesome stuff Meltymap, good work :)
but there should be an option for double speed maybe? just an idea :p

I really like this game. its kind of tough but I like it. very great concept. Nice job

Excellent, also I'm not sure why you think it's hard to control with the keyboard.

It's honestly much easier. Using the keyboard I lose a little finesse in controlling the jump height but it's much easier for speeding up and slowing down. Plus using the keyboard I'm no longer accidentally changing speed instead of jumping if my mouse bumps to the side before going up.

Further, with a dedicated key for sliding, I'm no longer accidentally sliding into obstacles when I'm trying to make several consecutive jumps.

The keyboard controls bumped this from a 2.5 star game to a 4.5 star game in my opinion.

Add in the keyboard control description to the tutorial and I'd give this a perfect score.

Credits & Info

3.66 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2013
8:16 PM EST