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TimeLine Runner

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Protect your head.
If ANYTHING hit your head, you fail.

Mouse gestures to control:
Hold mouse left button and move left and right to change speed;
hold mouse left button and move up to jump.
*jump height depends on the height of mouse you move.
hold mouse left button when landing to slide.

btw you can also control game with WASD/Arrow Keys:
Left/Right to change Speed,Hold Up to jump,down to slide.
but It's hard to control it with keyboard. I do not suggestion you do that.

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i use both,

the left and right arrow keys for speed, the mouse for jumping.

awesome stuff Meltymap, good work :)
but there should be an option for double speed maybe? just an idea :p

I really like this game. its kind of tough but I like it. very great concept. Nice job

Excellent, also I'm not sure why you think it's hard to control with the keyboard.

It's honestly much easier. Using the keyboard I lose a little finesse in controlling the jump height but it's much easier for speeding up and slowing down. Plus using the keyboard I'm no longer accidentally changing speed instead of jumping if my mouse bumps to the side before going up.

Further, with a dedicated key for sliding, I'm no longer accidentally sliding into obstacles when I'm trying to make several consecutive jumps.

The keyboard controls bumped this from a 2.5 star game to a 4.5 star game in my opinion.

Add in the keyboard control description to the tutorial and I'd give this a perfect score.

This game has a truly interesting conept. I love the minimal graphics and getting to know the physics which were really fun. Unfortunately this game has 2 Elements that make it more boring and interesting in my eyes. 1. There are unbeatable obstacles. It is obvious that the obstacles appear in a semi-random way the problem here is that if you arrive at certain obstacles with an unfortunate momentum i.e. are merely running or are still in jump from the last obstacle the movement of it will not allow you to pass it, no matter how good you are and how precise. There simply isn´t any room that you COULD fit trough. 2. The game different to others of this kind is only loosely based on reflexes on skill and rather on learning every obstacle in a specific area until you know the CORRECT way to respond to it. For example if I between 1880 and 1220 encounter an row of arrows in the air I know to do a mini jump, wait for the hurdle in the middle, jump over it and slide until I am out from under the arrows. If you however encounter this for the first time you´ll have to take wild guess about your path of flight including arrows and other things that you CAN`T EVEN SEE YET. The only way to pass obstacles like this is failing at them repeaditly until you found out the proper way to approach them for EACH OBSTACLE INDIVIDUALLY.
Hence my suggestions: 1.Reduce the number of moving obstacles and make sure to eradicate any momentum which makes them impossible to master (You might take many attempts to find the dead stops if you already know how to bypass them but for those who don´t know yet those are EXTREMLY frustrating)
2. Do not make a single pack of obstacles larger than the visible screen and if you do make sure to be very obvious about when the player roughly should jump.

Really enjoyable, challenging game. Only complaint was delay in actions such as changing speed made jumping clumsy. Potentially having the ability to change speed mid jump might make controls smoother.

To everyone struggling with controls!!: Use asd for speed and sliding, while use the mouse from bottom up to rougly gauge height of the jump! Remember changing speed changes length of jump!!