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*1/28/13* - Thanks for featuring us on the homepage! :)

We have been on YouTube for a few months now, and our followers really wanted to see us post here.

This is a flash we did in November after seeing diehard pewdiepie fans shitting all over the internet. Although not all his fans are like this, but there sure hell is a bold number.


Watch on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=7Zrn-yCRmls

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Agreed, PewDiePie is the shame of Sweden while Robbaz is the king.

I dont believe this video is neccessary or accurate. I understand thier are quite a few people on the internet who are annoying as shit. This does not mean that a majority of Pewdiepie fans are quite like this. There are a few trolls, spammers, QQers just like the majority of the people who rag on others, who are in general mainly trolls and should be ignored. I would appreciate if this unnecessary hating would stop.

All hail the bro army all for Pewdiepie and Pewdiepie for Pewdiepie, bro fist. You get a -5 rating because you hated on Pewdiepie and no one has a right to hate on Pewdiepie because you know don't like it don't watch it. You have no right to state your opinion.

First of all, I love how you did the animation. It has an intense feel of Egoraptor going on. However, I am a fan of Pewdiepie's, but not quite as zealous as some people. I watch his videos simply because he does make an ass of himself, it's a way to get a cheap little laugh from his "work". Here is some advice, if you will, instead of bashing an on-the-rise YouTube star, make good use of your talent. Your animation and voice acting are great, and with that you could create truly funny content on this site and show Pewdiepie, if he ever visits this site, what original work really is. I personally would like to see more funny content on Newgrounds, because lately, I and maybe others haven't enjoyed some of the front page material quite as well as in the past. So that could possibly be your opportunity to steal the show here and make a hit animation on Newgrounds. In my conclusion, like the work of animation and voice because you obviously have it down. Just want to see more original stuff from you on this site and I'm trying to be of some good use in this review. 5 stars and good luck on your Newgrounds career.

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Who is pewdiepew and can someone please tell me what is so scary with the slenderman stuff? I don't get how it is even slightly scary.

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Jan 27, 2013
6:46 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
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