Kirbys Dream in DreamLand

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Kirby finds himself dreaming in DreamLand... but it's all just a dream. Or is it? I think its semi-safe to say that this is my first REAL animation. I experimented with many things during the making of this.




BurntFoxProductions responds:

thanks :P

i think i saw something like this in youtube before. is this based off that? although i think the other one was about an acid trip.

BurntFoxProductions responds:

Not sure, I can't recall any that iv seen

Oh man... Kirby got sick.. o_o

BurntFoxProductions responds:

^^ I suppose he did. OR maybe that's how he thinks/dreams after getting the Invincibility Lollipop. :P

Okay, this was really neat! It felt like a music video more than anything, given that there wasn't much story other than Kirby has a dream. I really liked the zooming in on the pixelated objects, I don't see that done much in flashes. I also like that you attempted to draw and animate Kirby as well, rather than using his sprite only.

The only complaint I have is that the backgrounds seemed kind of bland for a "dream" of sorts. One would expect more colorfull, random backgrounds in a dream of Dreamland. Maybe giant lolipop trees and apple watter wheels or just a general light and fluffy candy filled dreamscape.

I really liked what you did here, with the music and the animation, I just feel like it could have been more vivid. 3.5 stars for you, sir.

BurntFoxProductions responds:

Thanks a lot :P
I do agree I could have added more to the backgrounds and made it more dreamy.
thanks for the review!

i did enjoy it however i couldnt help but feel like it was missing something like perhaps an aperence from king dedede just one small touch can make a huge difference

BurntFoxProductions responds:

Yeah I see what you mean. thanks :P

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3.44 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2013
6:19 PM EST
Music Video