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SMBZ KAI episode 1

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(Warning: Press SPACE BAR to proceed through dialogue.)

DISCLAIMER: Super Mario Bros Z KAI is a remake of the old Super Mario Bros Z episodes by Mark Haynes, All things from the original episode is by Mark Haynes, this animation is made by me in memory of his series which brought our confidence in aninmating. Please give support to this series by following the series! Enjoy!

FINALLY! I've finished the most awaited series of all times, the remake of an old episode by Mark Haynes. SUPER MARIO BROS Z KAI! This is episode 1 of my series.
A lot of effort went into this project and a lot of beta testing and fixing has been done to this project. But heck, it's now here. Now I can relax, I am so puffed out from working on this project. Please give more support to this project.

Enjoy this movie!


It certainely because he will make some better graphic in the next episode. But, its a little better then the orignial.

Not bad, not bad at all. I'm eager to see more of this, and I'd like to see where you take the series if/when you reach where Alvin left off. You need to level off the voice volumes though, and watch that they don't get drowned out by the music, like some were in this episode. Also, Metal Sonic's entrance was too shaky, almost to the point of needing an epilepsy warning; might want to watch that, a little shake will get the point across just as nicely. Great choice of Bowser sprites and sound clips, I can't wait to see how you pull of the fight scene next episode!

I can't even begin to pull this apart and disect all that is wrong with it. What isn't so much as shamelessly stolen from the original is half arsed in almost every way. I think the SMBZ fans need to realize this "fad" is DONE! Don't think for a second this will be even half as popular as the original series because it won't. Maybe if you'd have redone this using actual art instead of the same sprites I'd find something to cling onto but for a "remaster", this is significantly inferior to the original in pretty much every way (which defeats the purpose of it even existing). Sorry.

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It's alright. It's not that different from the original SMBZ. That's nto a bad thing, it's actually good. But honestly, if you're going to make them this similar, why not start at episode 8 where Alvin Earthworm left off?

i feel bad to say this but its not as good as the real 1 but if u can make a ending to ep 8 where that guy stoped making them then i will give u five stars all the time.

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3.38 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2013
2:30 AM EST