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SMBZ KAI episode 1

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(Warning: Press SPACE BAR to proceed through dialogue.)

DISCLAIMER: Super Mario Bros Z KAI is a remake of the old Super Mario Bros Z episodes by Mark Haynes, All things from the original episode is by Mark Haynes, this animation is made by me in memory of his series which brought our confidence in aninmating. Please give support to this series by following the series! Enjoy!

FINALLY! I've finished the most awaited series of all times, the remake of an old episode by Mark Haynes. SUPER MARIO BROS Z KAI! This is episode 1 of my series.
A lot of effort went into this project and a lot of beta testing and fixing has been done to this project. But heck, it's now here. Now I can relax, I am so puffed out from working on this project. Please give more support to this project.

Enjoy this movie!


I like how you gave the title a 3D effect and it's good that you're remaking the series. However, just like what other people may have said, they're are some errors within the flash and the sound effects get a little static-y if you know what I'm saying. But that aside, it's very good and I hope you're able to continue with it and keep up the good work. Just don't overdo it and let the internet mases get to you like what happened to Alvin-Earthworm. Good luck.

I give you a 6 because im glad you are trying to remake this I did see a few errors like when mario and luigi got flatten and their were two of them.But Keep Up the Great work you got my full support.:)

Why do you try to revive this beaten horse? People, its over, SMBZ is over. no mater how many times you create continuations or "remasters", it wont change the fact that all your doing is just digging up past memories I believe should be left as it is. From what I know the reason he never passed this on to anyone else is cause he thought his series would turn into a "Dragon Ball GT" and Dragon Ball Z Kai was no better either. Just end this, all your doing is making false hope for a dead series.

Krazzygamer3y2 responds:

It may be over, but unfortunately, that didn't stop my intention. Yeah, it is because his older episodes didn't have that good of a quality. I mean sure, it was better. I really don't have a reason of the rest of your review. I'm sorry...

But I won't let it go.

Please Dont Stop! You Are Doing Improvements!

This Is Revamped Of Super Mario Bros Z From Alvin Earthworm (Isnt Stolen)

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3.38 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2013
2:30 AM EST