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The Simpler Arena

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Author Comments

NOTE: Since Flash AS2 seems no longer playable on the internet, you can download the .swf and Flash Player needed to play on your computer here [link].

Before I say anything else, this is not a sequel to The Simple Arena. It's just a... simpler version of it. Okay, a better version of it.

And how's it better? It got the popularly requested (although this game isn't popular anyway) mouse control feature! It got backgrounds! The frustratingly low rotation speed got tuned up! Also fixed the bug where the music doubles when you quit the bonus feature. Hopefully now everyone can beat the first levels and don't have to grind, and can eventually beat the game.

Anyways, not everyone here may have played the Simple Arena, so here goes the real description of the game.

In The Simpler Arena, there's you, and there are enemies. You have to destroy the enemies and clear all the levels. Simple.

But is it all that simple? With 50 levels, 27 upgrades and 30 enemies including the 10 bosses, things aren't going to be as simple. Can you make your way to beat the final boss, Ultimateshooter?


WASD to move

Mouse to aim and shoot

1, 2 and 3 for purchasable active weapons (Mines, Stunner, Rocket Launcher)

Also in addition to bug fixes and mouse controls, I made backgrounds that are different for every ten levels, with the final boss and bonus feature fight having a little variation than the last one.

Also changed final boss theme into a better version of the usual boss theme, instead of just a slower version of it. That was lame.

If you find this game way too easy, you might want to try the old Simple Arena where you rotate by keyboard, although the only difference may be that The Simple Arena is more frustrating and less convenient than this one is.

If you experience lags, try closing other programs or browsers. Closing other tabs helps, too. If it still lags, maybe you should try to zoom out a bit (Ctrl + Scroll Down), the smaller it is the less it should lag. If it still lags, I dunno. If you really want to play this without lag yet it still lags after all that, maybe you should restart your computer and try again (although the chance may not worth the trouble). If it still lags, then maybe give your CPU a massage or something, I dunno.

~LeoGautama aka Freezicle24

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Like... It's good. JUST good. Like the kind of game to play to kill a few minutes. Lag, the enemies are absurdly strong without upgrades, If they corner you, you will die 95% of the time, etc, etc, big etc.

I like it, it's very cool!
Altough i still lag alot, it's still very fun!
The last boss has too much HP and it takes alot of time to beat him, even with all the upgrades, doesn't help that i lag too.
And... this.


Verdusk responds:

Oh hey it's you Andaya. About Hypershooter's reward, I can't fix it because updating released AS2 games will remove all your saves...


I found this game REALLY addicting, I hope this game gets an award or something!

Verdusk responds:

Hmm well it didn't :| but thanks anyway!

I like it. Its simple. That said, whenever I try to play a level, my mouse will not move. It will fire just fine, but I cannot change my cursor location until the computer is focused on something else, or the level is over. How does one turn on keyboard aiming?

Verdusk responds:

I don't know about your mouse problem... Looks like it happens only to you. Usually the tank just aims wherever your cursor at when your cursor is over the game. You may try The Simple Arena for keyboard aiming, but there's no backgrounds on that one and some other flaws that have been updated in The Simpler Arena :(

Credits & Info

4.08 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2013
8:26 AM EST