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Incognito EP 1 Part 1

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This is the introduction to a suspenceful thriller created by Paul Dempsey and Ryan Espinoza.

Episode 1 "Arimaa"

The stage is being set for this years recruits to prove themselves capable in the field. Nathan is going about business as usual unaware that his life is about to become a lot more interesting.

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still waiting for part 2...

ReklessCreati0n responds:

I know man, been so busy with things. Actually working on re-working the first part to include more immersive storyline.

Great job guys,I can´t wait to see the next part !This is the first time I hear one of my songs in a flash movie/project so I´m really excited.Keep up the good work!

ReklessCreati0n responds:

no problem man, keep making some good music and i'll keep using it. I belive I used your song in the Cafe for ambience music.

Thanks for the review :D

Hey dude nice work on the first part, sorry I have been so busy with the 60frame collab that I didn't have time to review the work in progress you sent me.
I found the animation engaging and intriguing especially that game "Arimaa" and the girl in the hoody. A few movements are weird when the guys are in the coffee shop but sometimes motion tweens can do very unpredictable things. All in all it is a great start and im waiting in suspense to see what happens next.
Keep up the great work

Wow. What an introduction. You got me hanging on a cliff.

Voice recording could use a little refinement, but I liked the banter between the two guys; it was pretty well done and believable, though short-lived. The whole thing seems a bit short. It would have been better if we got to follow the protagonist around for a while to find a way to connect with him. All we know about him right now is that "business as usual" involves grabbing a coffee in the morning before class--or afterwards--and maybe a night out on the weekend. It's an intro, though, so it gets a pass. Hopefully the episodes to follow will be longer and more filled out.

ReklessCreati0n responds:

I absolutely feel the same way, after getting through the bulk of part 1, I realized, "People don't know these characters at all" I think that its just a flaw with doing Episode 1 in 3 parts. By the end of Episode 1 (part 3) I think there will be more of a sense of who the characters are.

Thank you for the constructive review I really appreciate them.

this is a nice Movie. the scenes are awesome. i enjoyed this movie. keep up the awesome work.

ReklessCreati0n responds:

Thank you very much, As the series progresses its only going to get more awesome every time :D

Thanks for the review :D