Game Grumps : Ego's Anger

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eh, its just a short game grumps animation, nothing big or special.im not even sure if game grumps animations are welcome here in newgrounds..but i gotta try once i guess ^^!


Pretty hilarious, love this moment lol. Half a star off though cus the animation could have been a bit better on details here and there. I can't really name specific times, I'm sorry. I just got the feeling you took a shortcut a couple times with the animation. Love this take on the audio though.

Oh and also, though I always love these things I gotta take off half a star for unoriginal content. Sorry :/ It just feels at least a little bit more fair for everyone else ya know?

boring. comedy is more then just yelling and laughing hysterically hopping people will laugh with you. and this animation is just lazy (I realize you mention this is nothing big) . zero stars for effort. if there's anything to be taken from this its; don't watch game grumps if your looking to laugh

bocodamondo responds:

to be honest..this here is a terrible review. you just let you hate of game grumps attacking this. you didnt said what is bad on animating specificly just say its bad. the only one who is lazy is you for trying to sound smart and failing. 0 stars to you for this useless text .

Loved it. All I can say is

I lol'd, great job, tohugh their humor nearly sells it But good animation, exressions, thanks for the upload

I didn't laugh at all, not even a smile. just not funny man.

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3.67 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2013
3:09 PM EST
Comedy - Original