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Game Grumps : Ego's Anger

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eh, its just a short game grumps animation, nothing big or special.im not even sure if game grumps animations are welcome here in newgrounds..but i gotta try once i guess ^^!


There's like 50 animations of this exact conversation. This is one of the worst.

Too much Kawaii >.<

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Listen, I understand you're a fan of something and want to 'honor' something you love with your own content, and that's GREAT! It's amazing Game Grumps motivated you to make something of your own and I hope you keep motivated...

but why did you made this animation?

It's 2 guys sitting on the couch playing a game and having an exaggerated expression. This might as well have been the original recording. It didn't really add anything worth noting to the original clip; 2 guys on the couch playing a game (which to the viewer isn't exactly interesting), exaggerating an expression.

I'm not saying you can't make this interesting, take for example this SFM animation of the same audioclip here:
http://www. youtube.com/watch?v=omLve_vezbA

The author added dramatic music, some great lipsynching and emotion, even trying to break loose from the Sonic '06 aspect of it and change the context. Your animation on the other hand all that much. It stays far too faithful to the source material and the only thing I would MAYBE consider an addition is one or two faces that have a really grotesque appearance.

Now, get me wrong, I can see you made this with lots of love and let my review let you down. I would love to see you come up with more and original content :)

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I've never seen such a kawaii Jon and Arin.

The first fan made Game Grumps animation that I somehowed enjoyed. Great animation and color.

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Jan 25, 2013
3:09 PM EST
Comedy - Original