ThinMan: New Hero!

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ThinMan is a new SuperHero! In a future full of fat people, ThinMan is the only one who can save the world! His superpowers are amazing: he can feat in a single seat, he can see his penis when he pee ... ThinMan is our Hero!

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look how he uses a spanner to tighten that nut ! bycicle repair man! our hero!

this was just missing something, a comedic rhythm, it didnt get me 100%

ADASport responds:

We appreciate your critical feedback. We love you so much.

Thin Man? More like Taco Man

In 2017 everyone is a fat-bastard.
What new?

He's the hero America needs, but it doesn't deserve.

Really like the animation, too.

Thinman kinda reminds me of the game from Futurama

ADASport responds:

Thank you!

nice drawings and and voice acting although the animation is a bit crude (dont panic i just said a bit) and nice transitions also ^.^ i also got into thinking that our future would befull of obesity if we still have mcdonalds on earth hahahaha :D

ADASport responds:

True :D