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Arachnotorious - Ep 1

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Short Version: I'm back from a 10 year hiatus and draw my cartoons now instead of using sprites. There's many more to come, although they will be quick 'n dirty because I have a family and a job these days.

Long Version: Hi everyone, I'm back to Newgrounds! Many aeons ago I used to make sprite movies - in fact, they're still in my profile here. Then I went away for literally a decade. Went to college, got a day job somewhere, got married... but this is the internet, nobody cares about that brouhaha.

So this is a quick short I made in a couple of weeks just now - while still working said day job, I'm trying my best to produce new content for here and for my YouTube channel - so I can be the internet animator I've always wanted to be. I'm still the same 'ol me as before, except you're going to see both parodies -and- original content from me now. But I can assure you, the sense of humor that somehow kept you all entertained despite my films' crappy visuals back then is still intact.

This here, is something original. I have plans for more short gags involving this unlucky fellow - I hope everyone likes it! You can also see it on YouTube and subscribe to me there if you truly enjoy it - I would appreciate it!

If I even have any 'fans' left from the 2001 era, you're all grown up now like I am! How is your life now compared to then? Tell me in the comments :)

-DragoonFenix15 / Bill Cass

P.S. Sorry for not including a play/replay screen. My future submissions will definitely include them.

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Well that was hilarious. Great concept, btw.

That's fucking hilarious!

I remember you back in the day, along with Andrew Dickman, Iragination, Clark Lybeck, etc. and this proves that you can still make top notch content. Truth be told, you missed out on a lot of great stuff (CI: Unregulated, Contra Rampage, Dual Arms Verbatim, and Gunchest to name a few) since you left, but let's not get sentimental and nostalgic.

When it comes to the animation, it really shows how much you have improved since your early drawn efforts (The Kirby Matrix). You have nice layouts, along with well-done frame-by-frame and tweening. Oh, and I like the style you used in this. Then there's the sound, which is also excellent. The voice acting is great considering that you did it yourself, and the music used fit perfectly. It really shows that you have the ear of a director as well as the eye. Finally, the content was pretty funny considering how short it was. Aside from being original, the execution was magnificent unlike some people who became popular out of luck. The only problem with this is no preloader or replay button. A bad influence from being on YouTube for far too long. If you still have the .fla, I suggest that you add those when you get the chance.

What's good:
-Well animated
-Reasonable file size

What's Bad
-No Preloader or replay button

Overall: Bill, how would you like a nine from a fellow old-time user? (4.5/5)

I happen to be a fan of yours from all those years ago. It's great, because I am ALWAYS looking at old people returning to the website. It's kind of sad, because I do like the sprite flashes more. There just aren't many of them nowadays. I think sim-man still has the record for longest time between submitting something. The animation was of course good.

It was interesting to see you take on something completely different. The image at the end with the spider leg is pretty funny too. I have graduated High School and am still in college. The voice came off as pretty funny. I guess insects eating people alive are cool like that.

This is awesome! Great artwork!

Funny parody of all those nature documentary people. But if he is covered in poisonous spiders how will there be a second episode I wonder? Thanks for the nice animation I liked it a lot.!