Zombie Charm

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This is a fun puzzle game, based around chines zombies and the charm cards that cure zombies to turn them back to human. Your aim in this game is to place the charm cards on each side of the kids to create a line connection between them and this will cure the kids from zombies and turn them in to normal kids

it sounds confusing but give it a go and you'll soon get the hang of it and you'll be playing it for hours


I thought it was pretty fun, but I don't like how it routes you to a different website after a few levels. If your putting it on Newgrounds, put all of it on Newgrounds.

The game itself was entertaining to a point. The concept is interesting but the mechanics are stale. The only new thing I saw was the stationary cards witch did make it a little more challenging but I was expecting new cards to show up for special effects or obstacles to block the cards. As it stands right now it's fairly simple.

And above all else the the auto link to sillybull is annoying. If you're going to upload the game then do so, don't try to sneak in your site in game. If I felt so inclined I would have sought it out via the links.

After completing level 10 clicking on the next button opens the Silly Bull site in a new tab instead of going to level 11. Other than that a nice game.

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3.04 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2013
11:56 PM EST
Strategy - Other