Racist Ron - Ep. 1

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This is the first episode of a mini-series. It's about this dude who's a real dick.

In this episode Ron learns...well, I'm not sure he learned anything. But we all learned that he's definitely racist.

Written and Voiced by:
Eric Freedman
Tony Celano
Sam Haft

Animated by:
Tony Celano

A Tomorrow's Nobody 2013 Production

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Tomorrow's Nobody is: Eric Freedman, Tony Celano, Sam Haft and Ben Hagarty

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kinda need more rascist ron
BTW: im the black fellow

dumbest shit i've seen in weeks, it took 3 people to write this?

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Amazingly animated but terrible concept. I think everyone enjoys a fair bit of racism (as long as its in good humour) but this wasn't even funny.

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I really liked this. The animation was really solid, the voices worked well (although the sound quality on the black dude's voice sounded a little low) and it wasn't too long. I have to say though, although the premise was good, the writing could use a little work. I know humor is subjective, but for me, the main gag of the short was too "middle-of-the-road", neither subtle enough nor overblown enough to be great comedy. It was good, and I had a nice chuckle, but it was missing that something that might've made it *great*. Anyway, good job, looking forward to more Racist Ron.

....not really worth the massive wait, i mean 60mb? C'mon, Tom Fulp is not made of money...or maybe he is....like a Pinata....seriously, tho...maybe you should save the HQ versions for YT?

cartoon was funny, i guess...but i have to ask: is this one of those series where the main character is really irritating and you wanna punch him, but he never gets his comeuppance?

Tomorrows-Nobody responds:

Ah, sorry about that! We replaced the file with a smaller one, just waiting on the published one to switch. And to your second question, we'll see!

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3.29 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2013
4:53 PM EST
Comedy - Original