Delura EP 005.03

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----Ryan Roye
Lead Development
Character design
General Modeling
General Textures
Final Lighting
2d/3d Animation
Sound Design
Post Production
Composer: MetroTech Dream (0:55)
Voice: LI.BA.sie default computer voice
Voice: Misc pedestrians

----Frank Hunter
Voice: Charlie

Voice: Felix

----Robert S. Benjamin
Voice: Dodger
Voice: Ivan

----Edward Bosco
Voice: Rudo

----Davey Arnette
Voice: Swami

Piano Notes: MetroTech Dream (0:55)
Composer: Delura Intro Theme (Pathe the Way)
Composer: All music (2:07-END)
Sound Mixing
Voice: "No" Blob

Detail Ship models

Prop model and animation (wristpad)

Detail Ship models
Background texturing (Comm building, Parking area)

Mocap pedestrian animations (Jimmyrig)

----Parker B.
Primary Lighting
Additional surfacing details
Clothing Model/textures: Lucius


----Larry "SplineGod" Shultz
Departed mentor, and friend.

Vocal clips from EP 005.01

----Debbie Grattan
Vocal clips used from EP 005.02

----Dan Dulberger
Lightwave workflow enhancement plugins

Provisioner: Free Pixel art

----Damian Sobieralski
For believing in us!


I uttered the word 'pretty' out loud. I didn't intend to do that. The visuals have LEAPED in quality since you started. Every episode has gotten better. I've also noticed that the writing for each particular episode has become more coherent as you've gotten better control over the universe. I will say this. You people have talent. The voice and audio seem like they're on par with...something...that's good. Any way, the whole of the series seems to be heading in an interesting direction. I will continue to watch you guys. Like I said, you seem interesting. My only request is that you stay interesting. And I have a feeling you will.

Really enjoying this series.. and the quality is even better. Shame you're not getting as many views and attention for all this work so far. You should try placing these on Youtube as well. Unless you're already doing so. If not. Then.. well.. you should! It'd help get your great series & work the attention it deserves!

Tanadrine-Studios responds:

Dramatic series are typically harder to promote than single-session shows, so the hurdles are expected; and yes we are on YouTube as well :)

I am exploring many other avenues for getting the word out, but even so Newgrounds has provided a great hub for us to post content here. I know what we make isn't everyone's cup of tea, and we're always striving to improve the end product despite our limited resources as independent developers.

This one totally deserves 5 stars, i´m becoming more than a fan of this series.
The intro was so badass, the music totally fit and 90´s style.
The animation got much more fluid and those details on the characters moves (ears, hair, etc) make this so much great.
The fighting scene was outstanding!!
great job!

pd: i want the fox detective to appear again XD, his voice is so sich

Tanadrine-Studios responds:

Mr. Fox detective dude will appear again in Episode 006 :)

Depending on how the cards get laid out, Episode 5 could end with the .04 or .05 sub-installment.

Glad you're enjoying the improvements we've been employing with our newer content!

Great new episode, had some good action in it while still keeping up the drama. Now that the theme song is in place, it really feels a lot like a 90's Saturday morning action cartoon that matured a bit, and that's one of the highest compliments I can give this as I would love to see this kind of thing return to television.

Even if I turn off my nostalgia goggles and pretended to hate 90's stuff, I still love this for the mystery, action, and retro CG animation. And while I wouldn't call myself a furry, I love seeing anything that isn't human as it gives it more character than just "Look at me, I have thumbs". So it's great to see a world that has a society made up of creatures both familiar and alien.

Now the reason for the missing .5 is that I feel like the animation still has a slight rough spot. Certain bits felt like the framerate wasn't as steady as it should be, and it made the action part a bit blurry and (if I'm using the right word:) choppy. It was still great and the improvement here is amazing. I'm looking forward to the next episode.

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Tanadrine-Studios responds:

That's always something that bothered me about a lot of other sci-fi shows... even the aliens looked too human and it has always taken away some of that immersion in my eyes. My aim is to make Delura diverge from that by including races that don't exactly fit into that cookie-cutter human shape that so many people are used to seeing, and making it interesting to see how these very biologically different beings manage to integrate their societies.

As for the choppiness factor, one reason could be that, starting with EP 005, I decided to cut the FPS down to 15 instead of 20 to cut part of the huge processing time to create each image. It could also be a result of how I had to switch up the methods I used to apply motion blur in order to keep render times from skyrocketing (I can't do it in post production yet, don't have the software for it).

Thanks for your input, and I will definitely strive to keep improving the series in all areas as time goes on. This is a learning process not only for me, but everyone on the team as well.

Now that is some pretty damn good animation for Newgrounds.

Tanadrine-Studios responds:

I tell everyone i'm an animator first, and artist second. The art side of things is still something i'm working to improve.

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Jan 24, 2013
8:35 AM EST
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