Nowhere Safe

January 24, 2013 –
July 6, 2015
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Author Comments

*Please note that this game could be intense for emotionally sensitive individuals.

Sequel is now available here! http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/617620

**Please note that this is a visual novel game. It's mostly just reading a story.**

This is a very large file. Please allow 5-10 minutes for loading.

**Please note: The materials used in this game were purchased from DL Site and I have the license to use these royalty free for commercial purposes.

About: A woman in modern Japan finds herself terrified of leaving the house as she struggles with her less than favorable past. When she finds a stranger staring into her living room window, she begins to struggle even more as she realizes that nowhere is safe.

If you want to download the game, you may purchase the premium version at visualnovelgames.com.

This is a full and free online version of Nowhere Safe.

The premium version has:

- full screen mode
- transitions
- higher quality video and audio
- is playable offline
- and most importantly supports indie devs!


Wow...that was a great game! I hope you keep up the fantastic work! I especially like it because is was really thought out and a smart idea to make the characters not able to be inside and not able to go outside it was an experience for people who do both! To feel how it is to not be able to do those certain things. :3

Freaky end. I just wish there were choices and interactions. I think there were only two choices and opening the door a bunch of times. Everything else was great; the storyline was wonderful, the graphics were good, the music was suited to the event.

A really great and well thought out story. I love the concept of a restricted love, the revolves around the doorway. I'm love writing myself and I think this piece of work came out fresh and quite appealing. Its the best visual novel game I played so far. It reminds of all the other visual novel anime adaptations I watched. Great choice of music too, I love the variety of the yunes that changes per mood. They're very enchanting, full of romance, and thrill, at the same time. It was really worth the time. I'm going for the sequel now! Thanks and great job :)

It's been a while since I've played both this game and it's sequel... And don't want to delve into their good or bad points. Only that I realized that I play several NG games without voting... And these absolutely need votes, to motivate the devs to continue producing more :) An idea: since you seem into psychological themes, it would be awesome to combine your deep (and somehow dark) subject with a sci-fi /otherwordly or a Lovecraftian touch... That no doubt would result in yet another awesome game ;)

I LOVE these kind of games, and I LOVE japan.

Really good how you got me absorbed into the story. I can't wait for part 2... ONE thing though

is MORE interaction besides opening the door... but it's totally 5 stars! : ) thanks for the game

This was a absolutely great story. Felt like I was watching a movie. Was glued to my bed. Keep up the awesome work this is phenomenal. Now going to watch part 2 lol.



also it has a good story and a fairly comfortable atmosphere for the name of the game which initially gave me the impression that it would be post apoc. or something of the sort. Very promising, 10/10 5*, keep up the originality and quirkiness of the series.

Oh wow, the story for this is so good! I literally was just clicking on it because the picture looked interesting and the name made it sound like some sort of zombie apocalypse thing, but WOW. I mean, it was a little predictable, but it's the sign of a truly good game when even when you know what's about to happen and you still want to keep playing and even get a little sad (I literally said 'No!' outloud) when it ends with a 'To Be Continued'.

Loved the story, loved the art, loved the game!

Good game! I would like if it were a bit more interactive, but it is still excellent as it is.


yeah, i liked this game a lot. the art and the story line were wonderful. there were some parts where i was just so totally overcome by anger about how the story was progressing. aya kinda pissed me off at times, but i think it was great. cant wait to play the sequel.

It was a good idea and I liked the dialogue, but the music didn't fit with when they wee talking about their problems.

Holy s**t! the game was so sweet and I loved how they got engaged before the end! But in a game that is all text based, I never expected to hear "Hey there little lady... Remember me?" I will be 100% honest, that scared the living f**k out of me! 1000/10 on this one! Going to play the second one now!

i love this game

I love this!

Wow, this game is just so intense!


I really enjoy playing this one!
And although I play games with a really good and deep background story rather than those with a simple one, the story was too dominant in this one I think. You seem to be quite into the topic, so of course there's the great motivation behind the game to make it complex, deep and informative; it was just a bit too much. Sometimes a little less can have a greater influence, and can actually help making the story and thus the game more authentic and interesting, while too many information can make the story seem too heavy and stuffed with all the linked knowledge.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the game and the story very much.
One thing that bothered me though, was always the sudden insight of the main character, as she tells us that she doesn't know why she e.g. can't go into the park - and then continues with: "except... there was this one thing". It happens quite some times during the storyline.
If she had this phobia for some years, it's likely that she spend quite some time thinking about it, and thinking about the causes. So when she now seems to have the insight into parts of her behaviour, that doesn't really appear too realistic to me.

All in all a great game, loved the concept and drawings, as well as the story and its characters; a game that's different than others.
I will definitely look into the 2nd part... :)
Keep up the good work!

that ending made me jump please make share that you don't do that again OK but anther wise
I like it

A nice story well written, but unfortunately there's not much more to this than that. There is no meaningful visual movement with characters, a LOT of text (with no voiceovers) and virtually no choices to make. Even once you accept those things, scene changes seem to take a long time to happen, and too often re-use the same images, where it could have been relatively simple to insert more still images to make it more interesting. This game seemed to miss every potential opportunity to spice things up.

As a visual novel I've rated this 3 stars, but were I to compare this to the average game on newsgrounds, with the amount of work that goes into them, I would rate this lower. The inflated ratings other people are giving this game just gave me unrealistic expectations and added to my disappointment. If you rate something 5 stars, then you play another game (for example, the sequel to this game) and you think it's better, you can only give it an equal rating, and doesn't reward the author for any improvements, or provide a useful guide for gamers.

If this were a book, and I had the pleasantly simple accompanying music in the background, I would enjoy it. Or if the game was a little more developed to justify having it as a visual novel, I would enjoy it, but with it as it is the potential for improvement is massive, and I have to reflect that in a fair rating.

OMG I LOVE THIS GAME!!! :D i want to play part 2

I love the story. You have nice characters, with interesting backgrounds and stuff... only thing I'm little worried is that there's already at least 4 people in this visual novel who has some kind of mental disorder. Does sound a little too dramatic if I may say. But otherwise good visual novel! I loved humor and I was so happy to see so fine art work!

Only thing that really bothered me was that there's no way to skip any parts if you want to go through it again. You can't go back either if you accidentally click two lines at once.

The ad takes eternity to load!

Great game, great story, now moving to part 2.

Amazing. But, due to the small amounts of choices you actually get to make, it feels more like a book. But it is still very good.

this game was just amazing! the story was unique and every time i had to open the door i felt a bit scared :)

I think this is great. I'm a writer so I can really appreciate a great storyline and can totally relate due to my Emetophobia, fear of vomiting. Though I started getting nervous when I read that one part where she passed out and threw up. XD Great! I've seen the next part posted so I'm gonna check it out now!

This is actually one of the best indie visual novels I have played and tops most NG VNs.

This story is truly amazing! The story line is so good I can't stop thinking about it! Even at the end, when it made me jump a bit, I still can't help but smile at how good the writing is!

This is a really good game i loved it the storyline was amazing. Its a great change from all the fighting-ish games i usually play.

If it wasn't for the end it would have made it intro my favourites

This was a very well thought out interactive fiction; I was drawn in immediately. I am sorry to say that I cannot rate it (or the sequel) because of the second half (I only got through one ending after reading the comments that there are no truly happy endings and only one "easter egg" that isn't violent. I think this first one (as well as the sequel) should contain a warning that it may be triggering for those with depression, agoraphobia, ocd, and the like--before someone gets hooked; the writing is so good that even after finding out most of the endings were violent, I couldn't "put it down" so-to-speak. It took me a few days to climb out of my depression just to be able to write this. I don't think it's trash in the least; I just think it needs a warning from the beginning.

i am going to play this again and see how long it take for me to play though it

Loved it! Great story that got me hooked quickly.

i like story. but no save function!!!!!! seriously i mean

Stop complaining about the dialogue. It's a visual novel, like it says in the description. If, you don't like visual novels then why play one? Don't give me the excuse that you didn't know, either. If you read the description then you would have known.

I liked the game a lot. Some things could have been done before, though. Transitioning music could have been done better. It actually would have been nice if there was just silence in some parts. There could have been a few more choices other then just two. Doesn't have to be a lot of choices just enough to space them mostly evenly throughout the game. I love the story, though.


taking a while to load... but i can't wait to try it!

I was very sceptic about what I tough a girlie game, but it actually kept me hooked till the end! I like it very much, and this game goes to my favourites

writing sucks music could fit better a bit more put into plot yadayada.......good effort but id saay work on the writting and pace above all for now ..also the wall o text is a bit of a thing..alotuve talking without ever saying anything......all can be sumed up as a bad fanfic with misic.....plus some level of work clearly

Man it got kinda scary every time I had to open a door. Some of the music didn't seem to fit in places and some of the jokes weren't very subtle. The story itself is fine for a quick browser game. If there's anything to praise it's how it could creep me out lol.

Great story telling.
Clean visuals and art work.
Good timing on music.
Love the great contrast within characters.

The only thing that did confuse me was whether or not I was supposed to click the door handle, door or just wait for the door to open.

This game is awesome!
I also got scared in the ending. Haha. xD
Awesome storyline, great characters, and nice soundtracks! ^-^
I first saw the sequel of this, but I wanted to play the first part first, so I played this. :D

Im really sorry but its bad, the mindless continuous clicking at the dialog, the part with the therapist with the models? i mean really? and the ffing dress up scene? i really dont mean to be so hatefull but come on its verry silly i mean it reallly feels like a excuse to live out some kind of anime melowdramma

Amazing dude. All your stuff is great, keep at it. I love the visual style, and the story. As soon as Kento says "I have domatophobia" I thought they'd get together. Then I looked at the title of the flash, and oh my god, it synced up beautifully. That was what sold me on the game.

This game is amazing how long till the next game!

This is amazing, When is the next one>? :)

ooohhhhh. Its spooky! I cant wait for the next one!!!!!

I got scared at the end -_-
anyway, I like the story. It was kinda disappointing that it ended quickly, so please put up the sequel :D

I loved this. awesome story line that always keeps your attention, and small twists every turn that really puts the story on edge. I am very excited to see a sequel to this. I hope there is more action and horrific thriller in the next. All in all fantastic story. awesome work!

I really liked it, but I was waiting for more horror since it's categorized under it. An excellent and nice story though. Kept me interested. I sure am waiting for the next episode. Keep up the good work.

so when is the next part out

This was enjoyable and interesting and all, but... how is this a game? I only got two choices, and they were at the beginning. Everything else was clicking the screen to progress the story.

This visual novel was well thought out, and I liked the story, I relate to the main character in many ways which made me like it more. Because this is supposed to be a visual novel, it did all mechanics were placed fairly well as far as flash goes. But the story developed very awkwardly. It jumped around to much and when an event happened, it felt too rushed, which I understand. But without spoiling anything, I will say that the ending felt really pushed and I disliked how it was done, I would have felt much better if you went on to explain a couple days later then skipped ahead instead of doing what you did. Then the way it ended felt really rushed and awkward as well as for having a story like this, obvious to what would happen and felt, at least to me, as a useless cliffhanger. But besides these I enjoyed it very much as the story was well thought out and for being as short as it was, the characters were well developed.

Good idea but seems to need some more research. (maybe?)
The idea seems, a little disorganized, a little bit more like a rough draft rather than a polished work. Its not finished so I guess I can't really say much about that only that it seemed a bit random rather than planned out. Mind you I like randomness but I can think about the many different ways a certain situation could unfold and possibly allow these possibilities to be choosable is my only real suggestion. (Basically I wouldn't mind seeing multiple endings.)

Either way I'm interested in the game and looking forward for the next installment.

I loved it and the suspense trolled a lot.
I found myself not being scared but expecting the guy to pop up. More eerie than anything since you gave us the power to open the door, which was a nice touch so it's like you are actually opening the door.

Very nice game! I like the music and how it makes me laugh for some reason when Kento appears and the "silly" music starts. Anyway, how far is the sequel? I would like to see/how far it is :D

The game is good but seems to have some moments that come out of nowhere, like the therapist just coming round and just blurting out about her brother. It would make more sense for her to talk about it when she develops more of a relationship with the main character rather than out of the blue. The story also seem sot move very fast and a lot happens all at once. If it was better paced I could see this game rating higher and even maybe get noticed by some higher ups :P But as it is its ok :D Good job

A big part of the fun with story games is how you get to interact and make choices within them. You ave a good story here, but I didn't really feel like I was a part of it. There are too many looooong spans where I have no choice about what happens. It came to the point where I felt more like I was reading a novel than playing a game.

I loved this and I want a sequel, however, in the second half, the ad glitched out on me and wouldn't go away until the end. Just a heads up.

the story is very interesting. I mean, at first is, 'what?' but it is actually nicely done. mostly on the illness. What of the causes of it, and do give hints about other things that happen in her past. and interesting to meet another character that doesn't stand being indoors. well, mostly empty buildings. Which interesting and I can see both of it possible on both of their metal illness. However, here's what I don't like. I hate, hate hate the best friend. I know, that's mostly of my own personality taste. but first I though she is okay, and find she can be cheater, or so on..but, here's what brothers me. I can see her want to help her friend set her up. and both agreeable agurements, but I hate that she doesn't seems really concern, or even worried one bit of the main character. I know low blows can happen between two best friends fight. however, I feel she push it too far, and not even one sorry? yeah yeah. and well. also I feel this is more better as a written story, then a virtual novel. I don't feel it is very interactive. I mean, virtual novels has things that chance simple talking scene, and ones that can chance a lot that happens later. however, mostly just small talking scenes really chance must of what happen next. I mean, I expected if ya don't knock on the door at the first scene, you wouldn't pick up the knife. but well yeah. Also..then the one year jump. This really disappoints me. I mean, I see reasons why. but however, automatically going to married that boy. but ya only get few interactions, ya don't get to see the full bonding or big moments. it feels a bit too simple. A bit too quick on marriage thing. like, give us sometime to get excited or not expect in the next one. a little too quick to the point on year time skip. but, though I likely read the next one. how you deal out the issues and everything, and originally. Though, the artwork is pretty nice. and the music, well, I like there's a way to mute it, and also to have something that loops. cause once the music is finish, it is completely silences, until the next scene. though saving is nice if it is very long, but since this ain't too long, it gets by with no problem. Can't wait for the next one!

YOOO! You should play this game with HEADPHONES!! i did, and at the end, i felt like he was right behind me! DAT WAS AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMME!!

i just have oooone tiny little prob. why is the ,music in the background so short, it replays often and it's a little distracting as i read. (im easily distracted, so this is a really some problem)

ANYWAYS! i love it. :D 5 stars!

You need to reduce the lag on this game cause I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS GAME TO LOAD FOR HALF-AN-HOUR AND ITS ONLY 3/4 DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the end it was a good game.

The story is good! It put my mind in a state that actually made me think that I was going through all this craziness! And it even made me happy to be an otaku with all these references to Japan and all that. But there are some things I'd like to suggest.

First, why not add some more animation into it to make things look better? The animations made some scenes look weird. Second, please add a back button for when I accidentally click. And of course, why not try adding a "save" feature so that I could get right back at the part of the story I was at if I close the browser or something. Also please consider trying to make the file smaller 'cause I had a hard time going through everything with such a big, slow file.

Other than that, I only saw some minor problems, but I can get around them. The story is awesome and full of suspense! Thumbs-up for you! :D

i did not realize how much i love visual novels. good job

I don't care what the other people think, I LIKE the reading! ^-^
This is actually my favourite kind of genre; psychological...ish xD It really shows the struggle that Kimiko goes through dealing with her mental illness. I was also pretty happy when her name was Kimiko, it's so similar to MY name, Kumiko! xD
I was really drawn into the story and I loved all the characters. Usually I would have taken away 1/2 a star because I got so annoyed whenever Kenta showed up but that's just my preference and it's not your fault ;3 The only complaint I've got is that there's little interaction. You can't really choose what she says but after all, this is a Visual Novel ;P The concept is beautiful and so are the drawings~! x3
You lost half a star because... IT'S TOO SHORT!!!!111 T^T Why you leave us with a cliffhanger, you're so mean! ;^; Just kidding ;P Can't wait for the next one!

Tooo much dialogue... all you do is click open doors and stuff.

Way too much clicking. Way too much reading.

I don't mind a story, but there was too much excess ...stuff and fluff. If she's hiding from a stalker, have her hide from the stalker (real or imagined). If she's fighting for her life, have her fight for her life. I don't want to choose oufits for my friend, sit thru therapy sessions (multiple sessions), or reminisce about how long I've been in my apartment and why I'm scared of the park. I finally started just clicking quickly trying to get to the end, and I clicked for 3 minutes straight, even after the stalker showed up for the first time. The premise was good, but you missed the mark.

As a lover of horror anime and manga I must say this is just great in every way.
It tells an interesting tail of a lady slowly going insane from solitude.

Very dialog heavy, but I like to read, so that's no big deal. It felt as if the pacing was slow, but not bad

I love this. I enjoy the story line very much. I can't wait for the sequel.

WAYYYYYY too much reading.


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4.21 / 5.00