My First Lip Sync Attempt

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If you guys have any tips I would love to know~!


This is not good. And don't give us that FIRST lip sync bullshit, nobody care practise on your own, think on what seems missing, look at other animations and post your thirst OG lip sync.

No offence, but it does not seem like much work went into this. If it were longer it may seem like some kind of observation on apathy, but this was just to short to accomplish that.

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Better than my first lip sync, but I hate to say that I'm not a fan of random tests flooding NG.

this is just awful

JiiKim responds:

Thanks for inspiring me to keep working after my FIRST lipsync.

Considering this is your first lip sync test, then it is very good, much better than my first go, haha. But it does look a little bit strange, and almost goofy, because all the mouths are different sizes and shapes. What I do is I draw one mouth and then convert it into a movie clip/graphic so I am able to re-use it over and over again, rather than re-drawing it over and over.
But anyway, it was very good for your first go well done.

JiiKim responds:

Thanks dude, Yeah I tried that out but for some reason I picture that frame by frame looks much better. I will try that out though.

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Jan 24, 2013
2:35 AM EST