Funky Turtles

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*Thanks for the Frontpage, Tom & Co. :D

Like all of my other drawn animations, this one started off as a rinky dinky doodle. In 2009, I was trying to get a light-hearted project off the ground as a sojourn away from the usual Mario stuff. But I was busy with college and I lacked the time I used to have on Newgrounds back in 2005-6. After graduating college about eight months ago, I decided to dig through some of my old Flash files and came across the turtle doodle (the same little twerp in the opening scene). From there, I just made a commitment to finish the darn thing, and so "Funky Turtles" is now live.

Still light-hearted and upbeat, I incorporated many different art styles into this Flash while still trying to maintain the overall bright cartoony look. I was basically just having a lot of fun with this project as a ways of getting back into the swing of things. I'm glad to be back & I hope you guys enjoy!


The first 3 seconds of turtle head bobbing to the beat already made it an insta 5.

Bigfoot3290 responds:

Haha thanks man!

When I saw the tiitle I was like "Ok wtf"
I'm still like wtf, but it doesn't matter because it was cool.

Bigfoot3290 responds:

Preeeetty much what I was going for. Thanks for the review!

You were trying to maintain a bright cartoony look? You succeeded. I'm going to fan you, I look forward to seeing more cartoons from you.

I like the simple but effective backgrounds and the bright vibrant colors. I really enjoyed this.

Bigfoot3290 responds:

Wow thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it!

Song could of been a bit better...but other than that great flash!

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Bigfoot3290 responds:

Ok that's fair enough. Thanks for the review man!

lolwat. Newfag trying to look like an oldfag. Wouldn't know quality if it slapped you across the face with its dick.

Review: Funky is right. Pretty neat animation. The entire thing is saturated with lulz and really works well with the track that's playing. Keep pumping that imagination for stuff man.


Bigfoot3290 responds:

My MAN! Thanks, CO. I'll keep trying to saturate, no, inundate my projects with lulz.

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Jan 24, 2013
2:20 AM EST
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