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testing out flash, first super rough game! please ignore
p.s. there is sound

EDIT: I am a new user of newgrounds and did not realize how active the userbase is! Excuse my putting up a test game, I was using newgrounds as a temporary dumping ground for my first flash game (it is indeed a test game, I made in two days). I now see it is not an appropraite place for that!

Nontheless, thanks for the feedback and ratings. I appreciate the honest critisism. I'm used to getting unhelpful compliments from my experiences with art sites.

I'm interested in making actual decent games once I learn how to properly use flash... I'd like to keep the feedback so I will see if this stays up and try to keep it.

anyways thanks, I'll bring some better games next time! : )


1 star for the music and 1 star for effort.

For a 2 day game i think it's actually pretty good then some of the 48hr game making challenge on entries a while back. (no offense to anyone!)
On colors, i think it's perfectly okay to just have two (or few) colors, pastel games did some of those. I think when further developed, your work will look sth similar to their Daymare town w a twist! pastelgames (dot) com
i love disturbing twists, and i like games who dont elaborate too much to 'make sure' we get them. but yours is kind of too short to get the story across, i had to read the comments to know the plot.

But then again, there are eerie games with weird surroundings/stories (Synapsis 2) but still pretty good. you dont need what you dont feel like putting in (puzzles, maps etc), def research more on this, ive played alot of nice games that's simple but intriguing at the same time!

Long comment but in all, keep the good work up! :D and whatever you do please stay away from jump scares, they ruin a good eerie/horror game (imo).

Great graphics and great concept! Would like to see it more developed, maybe longer and more kind of 'clues' to give the player a insight to what happened, why there are fingers everywhere, why their fingers are black, those types of things :)
all in all, 4.5 stars, keep up the good work :D

This game to me has no plot. The text is kind of glitched and blocky. The fingers coming out of the wall look creepy but at the same time not at all like fingers but like sticks. Other than that its ok. 2 Stars.

I can see you have a good concept here, I would like to see it developed more. The artwork looks good so far, but it needs more polish. The music is well done, it fits the tone nicely. The gameplay was short (as you know). A few suggestions: Add color, arrows to show which ways we can walk, puzzles in the rooms, other messages. Judging this as the test it was meant to be, it certainly has potential. The lack of storyline takes away from the overall score though. With some work, this could be a 5 star game. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

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2.80 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2013
8:14 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click