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Frantic 3

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Author Comments

Time for even more Frantic bullet dodging, ship destroying chaos!

15 Levels + 15 much harder Bonus Levels
Lots and lots of Bosses & Mini-bosses
Massive combinations of Upgrades
Deep Scoring System
Tons of Intense Bullet Patterns
A modifier system and 5 ships to customise your destruction




My background disappeared on all levels after reaching level 5 haha.


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Well, I want to like it, I really do, but there several things holding this game back.

1.) I have no idea what my hit box is. Is it a pixel at the end of my arrow? Is it my ship? Is it a box around my ship? If you don't know EXACTLY what you're trying to keep from touching stuff navigating patterns becomes simply a guessing game.

2.) Shields. You say the ships have them, in fact different ships seem to have different types, but you never explain how they work. As near as I can tell shields seem to be related both to how much damage the ship can take before losing health as well as how many 'lives' you have. What shield regeneration has to do with anything, though, I have been completely unable to figure out. Why would you add such a critical feature to a game as large as this and not bother to explain it so players will be able to use it!? It would have taken no more than a paragraph, or even a sentence, in the help section.

3.) Finally, the game is far too repetitive. I'm not asking for an in depth story line, or and story at all, but the difficulty progression is laughable. The first levels are too hard and, with the powerful upgrades available, the final levels are too easy. After just a few levels the repetition becomes tedious and it becomes more like hand-eye exercises than an actual game.

Essentially, this game is just lacking too much polishing to make it truly enjoyable. It is large, well built, etc. etc., but because you didn't bother to take care of the small things like making sure the bullets didn't blend into the first background and making the effect of upgrades clear this game is...frustratingly not as good as it should have been. The potential is obviously there, I wouldn't have bothered to write a review is I hadn't been impressed by aspects of this game, but as it stands this is just another bullet hell.

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I just finished Area 2, and i gotta say... this is quite an impressive game you made! Very touhou-like, movement might be a little slow at first but bullets are not that fast. Bullet patterns and speed are well thought, and even though some asymmetric bullet patterns are pretty much easy to escape, tracker bullets are a complete pain in the ass (Area 2 boss almost got me). Graphics-wise, patterns look great and the whole game aspect is bright and colorful, and music is simply amazing (with all that futuristic looking ships and music, megaman comes into my mind lol).

Even though i've seen enough in Bullet Hell games, this one stands out. BUT, i can't help but point out two major flaws i've seen. Even if you can't have more than a certain number of weapons, you can still buy more than what you're allowed! I wasted money in a weapon i thought i could use just to be surprised when the bullets didn't add up. AND, it doesn't have a tutorial level (or a quick walkthrough). That's the only reason i'm giving you 4.5 / 5 .

Keep working dude, nice job!

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Well, from my end it's very broken. First deal-breaker was when i hit the pause menu, and then hit "resume game" and it was frozen. Second deal-breaker for most players is the controls, as already mentioned by others.

Slow down your framerate, or slow down the ships! Also, why is the first level such a bland background? Unsure if the others are like that, but I hope not.

out of 10....

gfx - 7 (nice sprites & fx, poor BG & weak color)
sfx - N/A (I have no soundcard)
design - 5 (feels rushed)
gameplay - 4 (super-loose controls, game froze)

overall, this doesn't even feel complete! Perhaps it should be taken off the portal, or just fixed up here and there.

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Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2013
9:14 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight