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Fun tower defense game with an unlimited number of randomized waves!


Needs more in the way of instruction on how to wall properly... I had to restart the tutorial level 3X times before i gave up trying to play this game... Too bad cauz I love wall building TD games.

Maybe let the player know that you CANT build during waves b4 the 1st wave is started.
Maybe show the radius attack when upgrading from a wall to the tower.
this game needs more work before its ready to play ;\

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It's a typical tower defense game that gives you more freedom by offering a blank canvas basically. Sad to say but the overall look is just bland and is in a way uninspired since there seems to be only 2 colors used (blue for wall, green for floor). This game does provide challenge but it's nothing spectacular compared to other tower defense games

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Meh, I like it. Needs work, but still good.

A very good attempt. Graphics were robust for their use, the learning curve was satisfactory and the music was decent. In my opinion, with a few additions this could become a really great game. Here are a few things that have room for improvement:

1. The difficulty, at least on normal, might need to be lowerer just a bit. The building strategy felt unforgiving - one small mistake and you definately loose a life, of which you only have 5.
2. The tower statistics are only presented for the upgrades. It might be useful to provide statistics of a tower on click or rollover, for informative reasons.
3. Some enemy (like the running-dog-thing) seem more appropriate for later levels, not too early on (were the mazing is not yet developed).
4. Though I did not mind the single-stage availability, you could at least add some variation in the texturing or enemy (no real stats differences, just different sprites) and present it as a different level; the variety might keep the player interested for just a little bit more.

Cheers, we expect to see more!

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Usually like tower defense games but didn't think this was much fun.

Didn't like the "only build between waves", only 5 lives and difficulty ramped up very quick. Had a few attempts to even get past wave 4 without losing a life.

Other than that, graphics are adequate, sound's ok and everything seems to work fine.

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3.06 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2013
7:11 AM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense