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Battle for Darkness

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High Scores
1. stefano707 2,268
2. WhiteDragon9913733 2,266
3. Julestar 2,261
4. raywalls76 2,258
5. silverkitty23 2,258
6. Michkoch 2,256
7. carloconfesor 2,255
8. cobrahawk5 2,254
9. kinerds 2,254
10. Mxmts 2,254
11. NotWorthPrayers 2,253
12. neteimanwa 2,253
13. Gingerwarrior 2,253
14. CursedminionSWE 2,251
15. Arkoan 2,250
16. Majing 2,248
17. confesor 2,247
18. MRobJaganshi 2,246
19. Sobolev 2,244
20. shortstick999 2,243

Author Comments

*** Victory screen glitch has been fixed

Command your Evil hordes in a epic battle to defeat the armies of the Realm and the mighty Titan.

- Use your units unique special skills
- Drag and drop unit icons to change formation lines
- Upgrade your army between battles

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this game brings back memories

pretty nice game. enjoyed playing it some years ago. remembered it now and started playing again. still enjoy it.

Meh. Not much of a strategy game, to be frank. You just keep upgrading until you win.

Well, I used to love this game but now it seems glitched beyond playability. I can get to the difficulty selection screen but after that, the accept button is broken! I'll still give it five stars because I absolutely loved it when it was playable. Hopefully it'll get fixed one day!
Edit: The problem seems to have stopped now that I've moved over to Linux, meaning it was probably an issue with windows 10.