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Battle for Darkness

rated 4.13 / 5 stars
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Jan 22, 2013 | 7:49 AM EST

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First Blood 5 Points Kill one realm unit
Golden Hammer 5 Points Kill 10 units with your Goblin Warriors while the Gold Digger skill is active
Detonator 10 Points Kill 15 units with your Goblin Kamikazes
EvilSmith 10 Points Get one of your battalions fully upgraded
Fearless 10 Points Charge the enemy 15 times
Ranged Support 10 Points Kill 50 units with your Archers, Chamans or Dark Mages
A Good Start 25 Points Reach 500 feet no later than day 10
Death from Above 25 Points Kill 30 units with the Apocalypse special skill
Demoniac 25 Points Kill 50 units with your Demon
Necromancer 25 Points Ressurect 10 Underworld Fighters
Under the Rain 25 Points Kill 40 units while the Black Rain skill is active
Tactician 50 Points Reach 1000 feet no longer than day 25
Upgrade Complete 50 Points Get your entire army fully upgraded
Victory 50 Points Complete the game
Annihilation 100 Points Complete the game no later than day 45

Author Comments

*** Victory screen glitch has been fixed

Command your Evil hordes in a epic battle to defeat the armies of the Realm and the mighty Titan.

- Use your units unique special skills
- Drag and drop unit icons to change formation lines
- Upgrade your army between battles



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Excellent game. I defeated the boss on day 39 with a score of 2800+. I tried to submit my score, but I don't think it worked :(

Anyways, I really enjoyed the game and it's deep strategic values!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

tl;dr All in all, this game was pretty fun. Don't let these other comments dissuade you from trying the game and judging for yourself.

Qigames... interesting game you've got here. Perplexedly, a lot of people are whining about this and that, as whiners usually do.

I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed the game.

Long and boring? Um, if you're playing with any sort of tact, this is untrue. Takes way too long? That's because you're not playing the game in the most effective (or even semi-effective) is not at all hard. Checkpoints? My god, now THAT would be boring!

No, a lot of these complains are not even cogent, let alone valid. Some people are just lazy and want a victory in a game handed to them on a silver platter with its stomach in and its ass out. How boring.

There is a distinctly minuscule amount of luck involved in this game. It's all strategy and, as you foray into unknown territory, becomes all about tactics. If you can't see that and you're annoyed by it, then simply go play something else.

Day 30 until one beings strategizing? Really?

The strategy starts when you purchase your first Skeleton Archers. They have very long range and a pretty nice upgradable special. Combined with the Goblin Warrior's Gold Digger special and the *correct* timing, you can increase your earnings by a factor of 1.5 to 2 very early in the game.

By around day 10 or 15 or so, I used my money to purchase Skeleton Warriors. If you take the time to read the descriptions of your units and the descriptions of your enemies, you'll see how their strengths and weaknesses match up. I played around with quickly swapping around the Skeleton Warriors with the Goblin Warriors when a row of Militia were encountered, but the gains were too minimal for all the damage my Skeleton Warriors were receiving (Militia are both strong and weak against Skeles), so I continued my Gold Digger + Fiery Arrows approach to get through the initial hostiles and, after the Goblins were obliterated, fell back on the Skeles before my entire force was obliterated.

By around day 15 to 20 I started encountering Swordmen. My Skeles were no match for them, so instead of buying Chamans I skipped ahead and purchased Underworld Fighters to counter the Swordsmen. Perfect. Initially, I kept the Underworld Fighters in the third row behind the Skeles and only brought them out when all the Skeles and Goblins were dead or if I encountered any rows of Swordsmen and returned them to the third row when the Swordsmen were the Skeles to take the damage from and clean up any remaining ranged units.

This strategy + tactics worked beautifully, and I even got a chance to purchase those Chamans by around day 20 to 25. To accommodate everyone's range (Chaman = range 3; Skele Archers = range 4) I placed my Underworld Fighters in the last row, and only brought them forward when they were needed to deal with Swordsmen or everyone other non-ranged unit of mine was dead.

The Chamans brought something nice to the table: Black Rain. Timing Black Rain + Fiery Arrows + Gold Digger = massive amounts of money made by Goblins initially.

I'm at day 30 now, and purchased Cursed Knights 2-5 "days" ago, although I should have skipped ahead to Werewolves to counter these Madmen. Oh well. More tactics! More Strategy! Luck? Sure, there's some luck somewhere in there... but not much.

That's not to say that the game is without areas of potential improvement.

- Although the white/green/red indicators really help, I'd like to be able to activate the specials of my various hordes without having to click on them first

- Repositioning your hordes via drag and drop is a little annoying. Maybe arrow key controls to move the currently selected unit forward/backwards, and number keys bound to each horde customizable by the user, of course.

- For a future expansion, feature more upgrade types, maybe skill trees, more units, and more enemies that are smarter. That'd be extremely fun. Maybe even multiple maps to defeat!

- Hero units w/ powers.

- The UI is kinda bleak.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

This game is awesome, the playing is good, the upgrading too, and the graphcs are great!
Just one this could be better, the recurrence of it could be manage by spliting the progression thru levels, with a map system maybe.
Good Game tho.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice game. Simple, but.. so monotony and long. I reached the end but bored


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Way to mutch grinding for money, what you need to do is at 500 Ft All money is gained at 1.5 speed and at 1k feet 2x speed and so on. Then at wave 5 you should give 50 extra gold wave 10 100, so ion. Other than that very smooth animation well drawn, though a different background would be nice, i turned sound on for few minutes and it was good. Seems to be very little stratefy needed in the first 20 waves since you don't have mutch of a choice between units, though what makes no sense is my archers were last unit alive vs 5 other archers that were about 4/4 dead and the enenmy archers still somehow won.