Alien Wasp Invasion.

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Alien Wasps have come to take over the planet. You must defend it by shooting them out of the sky.

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I beat the game and all it said that "The human resistance against the alien wasps has been successful." I didn't get no medal of honer or Purple Heart wtf

i tried beating this game and i haven't yet. but that's part of the challenge. i love games about bugs. the only thing that bothers me is that the hornets are different looking than the cover ones.

Well, for a click-em game it's pretty decent. Neat explosion effects, and the wasps looked like wasps. However, there aren't any penalties other than a game over...no upgrades...lacks variety....interesting background (albeit rough). If this game were any longer, any more wasps were on-screen, or the wasps took any longer to kill the player this game might not be quite irritating.
However, I beat it in less than a minute, got my medal, and feel satisfied.

out of 10...

gfx - 7.5 (blurry, retro, interesting, nice fx)
sfx - 5 (boring music, uninteresting sfx)
design - 7 (linear presentation, good execution)
gameplay - 6.5 (nothing special, but balanced)

overall, this game doesn't take long and I may be biased as it reminds me of the ending to Lawnmower Man. With that said, I like it and look forward to more games from you!

Pretty basic game, like how it picked up the pace the more you shoot. Seemed to build speed just a little too fast though. I'd play again if I was bored.

This game could be good if:
1. fix the ad, its badly placed and is broken
2. improve the art a bit
3. add some variety to the wasps, It gets boring very quickly and lacks very much challenge if the enemies only hover and wait to be shot.
4. add a game over screen, abruptly going from the game to the loading menu is WAY to jarring and sudden. i suggest at least extending the death screen for a few seconds.
5. add some more interesting sounds, the sound effects you used just drown out into just noise.

Credits & Info

3.11 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2013
11:55 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed