Drake and Josh I Guess

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Drake and Josh borrow Megan's digital camera, and they photograph her hamster, Hervey. The flash knocks him unconscious, but they think they killed him. They then fear retaliation from Megan. However, Megan knew the whole time that Drake and Josh were worried about what she would do to them. So she told them that she knew how scared they were, and that she was watching the whole time as the boys were both eaten alive by their own fear. In the end, she finally gets her revenge by pressing a button on a device, which blows up the spot on Drake and Josh's bedroom floor where they are standing, causing them to fall down into the garage below. Finally, Megan looks down the hole in the floor, and tells Drake and Josh that Hervey wasn't dead, but stunned from the camera flash. Drake and Josh then both simultaneously mutter MEGAN! before passing out on the garage floor.

EDIT: WHOA cool Im front paged,that was quick ha. Thanks Thomas my boy!


I love this episode of Drake & Josh

They say, that the same day he fell down those stairs..
He ran over Oprah.

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I love cats on mars. I think it's used to great effect here.

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heh heh....

5 stars for blue haired chick. Teh hawtness.

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Jan 21, 2013
10:16 AM EST
Comedy - Parody