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Make smart and powerful shots to conquer your opponent! Your goal in this game is to pocket your assigned group of balls and then the 8-ball to win. A total of 16 balls will be used in the game: 1 white ball (the cue ball), 1 black ball (the 8-ball), 7 solid-colored balls and 7 striped balls. When the game starts, you will be given a pool table consists of 6 pockets. All balls except the cue ball will be stacked in a rack and placed on the right of the table. You and your opponent will be assigned the solids and the stripes respectively, as shown at the bottom of the screen. The starting player can click to place the cue ball in the "kitchen", i.e. the leftmost area behind the line on the table, then move the mouse around and click to set the angle of the cue, and then click to set the shooting power. Then the other player can start his turn by using the cue ball to shoot and the game continues. Note that you must finish your moves within the given time limit, as indicated by the timer at the bottom of the screen, or you will lose. If you can pocket a ball of your assigned group, you will be allowed to take one more turn. Note that a foul occurs in any of the following situations: the cue ball fails to hit any ball; the cue ball first hits a ball which does not belong to the assigned group of the shooter; the cue ball is pocketed. If you have committed a foul, your opponent will be allowed to place the cue ball anywhere on the table before making a shot. If you pocket the 8-ball before clearing all the balls in your assigned group, you lose. Can you showcase your marvelous skills and avoid committing fouls?

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I personally don't like pool. But this sort of cheered me up, but also didn't because I had nobody to play with. So my suggestion is to add some kind of CPU, because I was stuck alone there just waiting.

not a lot of people playing pool now a days

im all alone this sucks

It keeps telling me "Loading failed". Dude it sucks.

If this game has a few tweaks then it would be awesome. I agree with Deathcount. Please add a single player to at least have people try the game out instead of waiting for literally hours for an opponent.

I haven't even played the game yet so I don't know what else to say about this game other than make a single player mode. I give it 1 star because I like standing beside tables in video games.

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2.42 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2013
2:52 AM EST
Sports - Other